A Fine Chocolate Experience for Your Valentine!

So, in my never ending quest to find the coolest places to eat, drink and play in New Hampshire I found Dancing Lion Chocolate in downtown Manchester. This is not a chocolate shop full of mass produced chocolate, but a gallery of fine art in chocolate!120

Most people are not aware that mass produced chocolate that we buy contains very little chocolate at all, but it’s full of added oils and sugar to mask the bitter taste of the lower quality cacao beans. You taste the ingredients added to the chocolate rather than the natural flavor that comes from the region where the cacao tree is grown. Richard Tango-Lowy, Owner and Master Chocolatier at Dancing Lion, travels the world to source only the best cacao and chocolate for his works of art. 115

The shop is just amazing, full of beautiful pieces of chocolate. Everything is done by hand on a small scale with attention to detail and flavors. Rich hooked me up with some wonderful drinking chocolate while he explained a little about his shop and chocolate creations. Before you think it, this is not the hot chocolate stuff you buy at the market; this drinking chocolate is the real deal! It’s just chocolate, water and spices, simple ingredients so you get to taste all of the wonderful flavors of the chocolate.

Now, let’s talk Valentine’s Day. One of the other reasons for my visit was to find out more about the really cool Valentine’s dinner at Dancing Lion. The menu for this event is a closely guarded secret, but if you attend, you will not be disappointed! Chocolatiers Rich and Samantha, along with Savory Chef Jeff, will be creating a seven-course chocolate oriented tasting menu. During this event, the shop is transformed into an elegant restaurant with a fine dining experience and live music. 116

Dancing Lion is a destination where you can experience everything chocolate. Here you can find everything from bars and bonbons to drinking chocolate and edible art. The Dancing Lion Chocolatiers have access to some of the most hard to find fine chocolate in the world and it shows in all of their pieces of art. Some of the pieces are only made once and once enjoyed its gone forever. But, that’s part of the whole experience, enjoying a one of a kind piece of art!10572044_568831379905916_4011775511871954921_o

Dancing Lion is located on 917 Elm Street in Manchester. The store hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 11AM-7PM. Their phone number is 603-625-4043 or you can email: info@dancinglionchocolate.com or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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