Fire Vs. Police: A Hometown Baseball Game


Photo by Andrea Vickers-Sivret.

It is always a good feeling to see a community come together for a good cause. This past Saturday night was a shining example. I brought my boys to baseball game at Hubbard Field in Walpole to benefit the Walpole Elementary School Playground.

Twenty or so years ago, the Walpole playground was the highlight of my brothers’ away soccer games. I’d spend the entire time on the zip track going back and forth. Now, the play space is past its prime and has been deemed unsafe for kids to play on. It’s time to raise funds to replace the bright yellow structure, and a committee of school staff, parents and community members are working together to make it happen for fall of 2016.  

Saturday’s ball game was one of many fundraisers throughout the next several months with proceeds going towards the new playground. Players were divided into a Fire Department team and a Police Department Team-Red vs Blue. My husband played for the fire team, and it was a blast to watch the guys play!   

The parking lot was packed and all the seats were filled. Kids and families were everywhere, running, laughing and enjoying food from the concession stand donated by C&S Wholesale Grocers and Mr. G’s Liquidation Centers.  

Both teams played hard, and the final score was 10-9, the police team taking home the win. When all was said and done, the total raised from the game was an impressive $3,443.00!

The goal for the playground project is a hefty $80,000 by fall. If you’re able to donate, please check out the Gofundme page to help build a safe place for New Hampshire kids to play.

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