First Things First

IMG_0344Hi there! I’m Karen. And I love food. I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, so do you. I’m so excited to be part of Stay Work Play’s ongoing blogger community and that I have the chance to share with you information about New Hampshire’s food, wine, and beer industry. Let’s face it, we all need to eat to live, but experiencing what our local producers and operators have to offer can make this a lot more exciting. I for one, love experiencing new foods and beverages and seeing what new trends are out there these days. Before we start talking about everything food and beverage, here’s a little info about me…

I’ve been working in the food industry for the past seven years. I started with a large, specialty food distributor out of New York, managing their business in the Boston area. This job introduced me to some of the best chefs in the area and allowed me to really experience the dining community throughout the Northeast. At times, my stories about where I ate and what I was trying was very comical. I have a background in fitness and at my first olive oil tasting, I wasn’t sure how far I was going to have to run to balance that out! I quickly put my trust into the chefs and producers of the food I was eating and tasting. If I was a little skeptical about the Uni (sea urchin) or Boudin Noir (blood sausage) I just knew that they wouldn’t steer me wrong. I learned that with quality ingredients and care, you can indulge without feeling so guilty. And while I’ve enjoyed many extravagant feasts, I’m still a beer and nachos kind of girl.

About four years ago, I moved back to New Hampshire. I had been wanting to leave the “big city” to come home, but it wasn’t until I met my now husband that I finally made the move. We currently live near Massabesic Lake and enjoy what New Hampshire has to offer as much as possible. This is where we both grew up and where we want to raise our family. We have a 6-month old girl and we love taking her outside for walks, hikes, and yes, to restaurants and bars. We just go to those a little earlier than we used to! I’ve been in the natural food industry since I came back to New Hampshire and have recently started my own health and fitness business.

While my husband and I love to check out new places and see who’s doing something different, we also love to entertain at our home. Just as we invite family and friends over, I invite you to read this blog on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy the content and that it makes you just as excited as I get to try new foods, drinks, and places in New Hampshire. And if there’s a place you’d like me to check out, please email!  Thanks for reading!

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  1. Tim KnollMay 30, 2013 at 11:47 am #

    Fantastic news Karen! We are looking at a trip to NH in late July, so your blog will help us know where to go for some excellent eats.

  2. Karen KoutsavlisMay 30, 2013 at 8:14 pm #

    Tim, that’s great! We’re excited to have you – and anxious to share some good places for you to check out during your visit. Hope the planning goes smoothly and you have safe travels!

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