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If you haven’t yet figured it out, my life pretty much revolves around my dog. Sorry I’m not sorry. Well, yesterday was his first birthday (huge deal). I spent some time leading up to the big day trying to find dog-friendly cupcakes- pupcakes, if you will. I could’t find any local bakers so I resorted to Pinterest for some recipes. I finally found one with carrots, oats & apple sauce, and I substituted cheese wiz for the frosting… I planned to get a picture of him eating it but I kid you not he swallowed it whole.


Anyway, the point of that story is that I have yet to find a place that offers a good variety of fun dog treats. The pet store I go to has a little case of some cute cookies, but do any other dog lovers out there know of some local hidden bakery gems that I’m missing out on?! Please do share!

In the mean time we’ve survived with my culinary “masterpieces.” It’s amazing how a bone-shaped cookie cutter can turn a seemingly gross batter into awesome dog treats. Here’s a great listing of recipes from theKitchn.


To further spoil Yaz, I recently signed him up for BarkBox- thanks to a great shoutout by Kate. He received his first package a couple weeks ago. It came with two bags of higher-end, healthy treats and two toys- one of which he has yet to be able to destroy! To top it all off the packaging is adorable and completely pup-friendly to open.

So for you dog parents out there- try BarkBox if you can!

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