Forward Thinking at Throwback

Is there anything better than a sunny, summer beach day on the coast with friends? Probably not. But maybe a trip to a fun brewery that is also a farm and forward-thinking eatery would elongate the already amazing day and keep the summer vibes flowing.

Throwback Brewery had been on my list to visit for a long time, and a drive back from the beach was the perfect opportunity to convince my friends to go with me. Though, let’s be real; once I showed them the beer list and menu, there was no additional convincing necessary.

While it’s technically located in North Hampton, it’s not exactly on the beach. You’ll find delicious beers and bites at beautiful Hobbs Farm, which dates back to the 1860s as a sheep farm. It now hosts dozens of farm animals and crops (including the Hop Yard) that you can check out while you’re waiting for food, or admire the noisy chickens as you eat outside on the pretty patio, seen above.

The process for ordering food and drinks is a little confusing if you’re outside; a staff member will bring you a piece of paper to fill out your orders, and then you head inside to place your order at the bar. These fun chalkboard visuals will help you choose a beer or flight if you need help narrowing them down.

If the weather is nice I would highly recommend sitting outside. They will bring the beer to you! I particularly enjoyed the Watta Melon and the sour beers like the Cheek Squeezer.

Honestly everything on the menu sounded great, so we all ordered something different. The three onion dip with homemade chips was amazing and was the perfect pairing with beer. We devoured it.

Pictured here are the fish tacos and the spicy Korean barbecue burrito which comes with black garlic dipping sauce. This menu is super creative and I really appreciated the variety of food for a restaurant so close to the beach!

I ordered the house-made falafel burger with potato salad, which are two things I’ve never been able to resist. The falafel burger comes with an olive tapenade spread and lemon tahini sauce, and is served on house-made naan bread. I could eat this every day, along with the spent grain chocolate chip cookie slightly hidden in the green bowl, which I obviously needed to sample for Research Purposes. You’re welcome. Another favorite that I didn’t photograph was the lemon and blueberry jam puddin’ pops, which were homemade popsicles that I’d like to recreate.

So while I would obviously recommend Throwback Brewery to finish a gorgeous summer day, I think it would be fun to stop by any time of year. They’re open Wednesday through Sunday and they have plenty of indoor seating, too. Find them at 7 Hobbs Road in North Hampton.

Have you discovered any unique, tasty food or drinks lately? Let us know! Be sure to email us at to share your ideas of any New Hampshire related food/drink/venue/organization that you think should be featured in our “Eat Drink Play” blog posts.

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