Garden to Table Dining

As the seasons keep changing I am continuing to try to eat outside at my favorite restaurants for as long as the weather allows! I have to admit, I’ve been meaning to write this post for the Stay Work Play audience for years, and this year I finally remembered to take pictures so I could!

The magical oasis at Pickity Place has long been one of my favorite escapes in New Hampshire. The words “over the river and through the woods” are both physical realities of getting there from anywhere else, and also a reference to the 1786 cottage’s inspiration for the 1948 Little Red Riding Hood story.

To its neighbors and its regular customers, the 5-course luncheon is a delicious, well-balanced meal with creative flavors and the freshest ingredients, many from their backyard gardens and greenhouse. To newcomers, it is a bit of an escape, an actual breath of fresh air, and the reason for the grumble in your stomach as you smell whatever is on the menu piping out the chimney from the busy kitchen.

I am sorry to say that none of my iPhone pictures will ever do Pickity Place justice, although I’ll try my best! I would definitely recommend checking out their Instagram for a better understanding of its year-round magic. I brought my boyfriend and roommates (i.e. my COVID bubble) to Pickity Place in September and we had a fantastic experience ordering their takeout and enjoying our delicious meal in their gardens at a picnic table. The staff was extremely cautious and careful, the food was hot and fresh, and they even provided their homemade teas and lemonade in to-go cups to complete the experience. Their raspberry orange iced tea and lavender lemonade are two of my favorite things on their menu so I was thrilled!

The way Pickity Place operates is with a single luncheon menu each month, and you have the option of the entree (typically a meat and vegetarian option) as well as the drinks I mentioned. Everything else is the same for everybody: a homemade dip with crackers, soup, salad, fresh bread, and dessert. You can view the monthly menus on their website, but I’ll warn you to grab a napkin in case you start drooling.

As I mentioned, even in their to-go containers the food was hot and fresh and we loved every course more than the last. This month’s menu included a hot tortilla vegetable soup, fresh salad with peaches and feta cheese, bread with olive butter, a harvest vegetable lasagna with a side of roasted broccoli (the vegetarian option), and homemade whoopie pies with raspberry jam. The other entree was chicken with smoked ham, broccoli and cheddar, which felt like a more creative spin on a chicken cordon bleu and also got rave reviews from our table.

These photos are making me drool again…

The thing about Pickity Place is that the serving sizes of each course are modest, but by the time you get to dessert you’re so stuffed! I actually loved the takeout option because we saved our salads and some of our bread, crackers and dip to take home and enjoy for dinner later.

Even in September the gardens were still in bloom and the greenhouse was full of beautiful plants, herbs, and gifts. I love that you can buy their dips, lemonade and tea mixes, and lots of local goods in the gift shop to bring home with you, too.

Any time of year, Pickity Place is the most refreshing getaway tucked in the loveliest nook of New Hampshire. Bringing people here for the first time is such a joy and I hope that you get to experience Pickity Place for yourself soon!

They are open seven days a week, year-round for several timed luncheons. Reservations are highly recommended for both indoor dining and takeout, which you must make via phone: 603-878-1151. Visit the little red cottage at 248 Nutting Hill Road in Mason. Enjoy!

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  1. Beth San SoucieNovember 18, 2020 at 10:33 am #

    Erin, I also had the opportunity to visit Pickity Place this year – it was indeed magical! One of my favorite places, and hidden gems, in New Hampshire. While exploring their gift shop I overheard someone speaking with an employee about making a 3-hour drive just to visit!

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