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Last month was registration month for my car and the perfect opportunity for me to switch to a State Parks plate. If you’re not familiar with the New Hampshire State Parks Plates, it’s a license plate that costs $85 per year (on top of whatever your registration costs), but gives you and whomever you can jam in your car free access to all the state parks in New Hampshire (see list at the end of this post)! You might be thinking, “$85 is a little expensive and it’s already expensive enough for me to register my car.” That’s a valid concern, but when you consider the sheer number of places that plate gets you into at no cost, plus the experiences of being in those places, the cost is well worth it.

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With our State Parks Plate on the car, my wife, daughter, and I loaded up our beach stuff and drove up to Echo Lake Beach in Franconia Notch a few days ago and walked right in without paying. We were there for hours just playing in the sand, swimming, and enjoying the amazing views of Cannon Mt. and Franconia Notch. Sure that one trip would have cost significantly less than the license plate, but throughout the course of a year, those trips add up, and if you like to spend time outside, they can end up costing a lot more than $85. Plus, the convenience factor is hard to beat.

The State Parks Plate program has been around since 2010, but I’ve noticed that the number of State Parks Plates I’ve seen on the roads in the past year or two has increased dramatically. I think it’s one of those things where people see it, ask about it, then get one themselves. That’s certainly the way it was for us after my brother and his wife rolled up to our house a few weeks ago with their State Parks Plate.

I strongly recommend that when it comes time to register your vehicle, you look into getting a NH State Parks Plate. You, your family, and friends will be glad you did and hopefully, they’ll get plates of their own too because it’s a great way to support our state parks and get outside!

See the full list of parks below:

  • Bear Brook State Park
  • Clough State Park
  • Echo Lake State Park
  • Ellacoya State Park
  • Forest Lake State Park
  • Greenfield State Park
  • Hampton Beach State Park – South Beach
  • Kingston State Park
  • Miller State Park
  • Mollidgewock State Park
  • Monadnock State Park
  • Moose Brook State Park
  • Mount Sunapee State Park
  • Odiorne Point State Park
  • Pawtuckaway State Park
  • Rollins State Park
  • Rye Harbor State Park
  • Silver Lake State Park
  • Wadleigh State Park
  • Wallis Sands State Park
  • Weeks State Park
  • Wellington State Park
  • Wentworth State Park
  • White Lake State Park
  • Winslow State Park
  • Echo Lake Beach in Franconia Notch State Park
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