Get to Know NH’s Young Professionals Networks

According to Wikipedia, the term young professional refers to “young people in their 20s and 30s who are employed in a profession or white-collar occupation.” However, with New Hampshire’s aging demographic, YPNs are more focused on building lasting relationships regardless of industry and not how old individuals are.

These groups are a great resource for all individuals, whether in “professional” work environments, the trades, education, the hospitality industry, etc. The leaders of the YPNs understand that age isn’t a limitation and are modernizing the way they engage with people in New Hampshire.  

When hearing the word “networking”, many friends and classmates of mine immediately become intimidated. New Hampshire’s YPNs are all about breaking these barriers and stereotypes in regards to networking and improving the way people can make meaningful connections.

They give people, like you and me, the opportunity to be social and engage in conversation while enjoying some locally crafted beers or striking out during a bowling match. Yes, you read that right, YPNs “network” by hosting various types of events, like cocktail hours, trivia nights, themed parties, and even paddle boarding.

New to the area? YPNs present opportunities for you to meet people and become more integrated with your local community. Looking for a chance to increase your personal and professional networks? The YPNs are a great resource to find volunteer, leadership and professional development opportunities.

New Hampshire YPNs

Where can you find YPNs here in the Granite State? Well, my friends, look no further because this blog series will give you the insider information on the various YPNs located throughout the state – find your local YPN here. New Hampshire currently has one industry specific group and twelve regional groups. Did you know that one of the YPNs in New Hampshire has been around for almost 15 years (happy early birthday Manchester Young Professionals Network!)? To find events that are going on around the state, check out the event calendar and Stay Work Play’s Facebook event page!

In this blog series, you will find information about:

  • How to get involved with your local group;
  • What each YPN is all about;
  • The wide range of events that are hosted each year;
  • Contributions to their local communities; and
  • More ways you can connect with people or find that job that you want!  

Collectively, the individuals involved in the YPNs play an important role in shaping the future of New Hampshire – taking on an active part in becoming the leaders of tomorrow and making lasting impact for each region of the state.

Some Lasting Advice

“Networking” is not as scary as you may have thought! Think of these opportunities as a way to meet like-minded people, find a new passion, build your professional network and community. Check out what’s happening in your local community, mark your calendars (there’s really something for everyone!) and share your experience in the comments below.

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