Get Water From Your Food: Top 10 Hydrating Foods & Cucumber Drink Recipe

From our friends at Ways to beat the hot, dry NH summer we’re having!


“Cucumber can also add a fun twist to refreshing beverages! “

This is turning out to be a pretty hot summer in New Hampshire. Normally, that’s not such a bad thing, but with the excessive rains, the humidity is looming high, too!

We sweat more in humid weather, which means we dehydrate faster and need to replenish our water intake! Since statistics show most people are already lacking in water-drinking, perhaps we need to find other ways to stay hydrated this summer.

Fresh produce is overflowing with the H2O factor! Many vegetables and fruits can help us reach hydration goals, and have additional vitamin benefits!

Here is the top 10 list for succulent, hydrating foods! Number one was no surprise to me; cucumbers are often used in natural spa methods to offer nutrients and hydration to skin. I immediately pictured cucumber slices refreshing a relaxed set of eyes during a facial.

I love cucumber! Tasty cucumber slices were a staple treat for me in my childhood, and will be for my kids, too! Cucumber can also add a fun twist to refreshing beverages!

Top 10 Hydrating Foods
1. Cucumber-97% water
2. Celery-96% water
3. Lettuce-95% water
4. Tomatoes-94% water
5. Watermelon-92% water
6. Strawberries-92% water
7. Cantaloupe-92% water
8. Raw Brocoli-89% water
9. Peaches-89% water
10. Yogurt-88% water

Cucumber Drinking Water Recipe
1. Wash and slice cucumbers into small chunks.
2. Cover in cold water and chill in fridge over night.
3. Serve over ice in a pitcher with a grated spout to hold back the chunks.
TIP: Add fresh, rinsed, raspberries and/or mint to the mixture before setting overnight for an even more fun, fruity-chill!