Getting to know New Hampshire’s Young Professional Networks: Concord Edition

Hello again! As mentioned in Getting to Know NH’s Young Professionals Networks you have come to the right place to learn more about Young Professionals Networks in New Hampshire.

So what are we waiting for?!

Concord Young Professionals Network (CYPN)

Do you live or work in the Greater Concord area? Interested in becoming more involved with your community? Going through the job hunting process? Then you’ve come to the right place. How does it feel to be on the right track?

Concord’s YPN, also known as CYPN, is one of the many young professionals networks in the state – and is a terrific resource for you in your networking journey.

To get a better understanding of the Concord Young Professionals Network, I reached out to CYPN and connected with their Chair, Heidi Schmidt, for her input on CYPN to learn more about them.

Background Information

  • Founded in 2006, CYPN is a professional and personal development initiative of the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce.
  • Mission statement: “To offer networking, community involvement and social opportunities to energize young professionals who live or work in the greater Concord area.”

CYPN Networking Opportunities

If you’re looking for fun ways to break up your week or meet new people in your area, consider attending some of the many events CYPN hosts. They offer a wide range of events that attract many kinds of people in a welcoming and friendly environment. As a result of the partnerships with their sponsors, most events are complementary so you can save your pennies!

  • Monthly Networking Events – hosted at various coffee shops and local restaurants where you can chat and sample drinks and appetizers in a casual and inviting setting; 
  • Lunch and Learn Series – enhance your personal and professional skills while networking at these condensed educational events;
  • Specialty Events – catered based on the current interests of young professionals in the greater Concord area;
  • College Campus Events – events at campuses in the greater Concord area like NHTI, University of New Hampshire Law, and New England College. 

Learn more about these events on their monthly calendar;

CYPN’s Community Presence

The next time you’re exploring around Concord, make your way to the Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce. There you can learn about local attractions, what’s going on in the area, and how to become a member. As a committee of the chamber, CYPN is able to foster opportunities and resources that support young professionals in the Capital Region.

Based in the capital of New Hampshire, there’s a abundance of people to network with and plenty of opportunities to get involved.

CYPN participates in many activities to give back to their region like:

  • Serving on nonprofit boards;
  • Volunteering for nonprofit events and programs;
  • Promoting local efforts and initiatives;
  • Actively seeking opportunities to build and foster relationships throughout the greater Concord area and beyond.

So… What’s in it For Me?

After reading about all of the great things that make up CYPN, you’re probably wondering how it can specifically cater to you? WELL, listen here!

Benefits for You:

  • Get to know the members of your community;
  • Build new friendships and create new partnerships;
  • Learn about local businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations;
  • Improve the quality of life in the greater Concord area for you and other citizens;
  • Beef up that resume and list of references!

How Do You Learn More??

Wondering how to learn more about CYPN? Follow them on all of their social media channels – find them below.

CYPN is your connection to getting involved in the greater Concord area. Join them for an upcoming event! If you’re interested in becoming more engaged with CYPN, ask them about the opportunities available with their Steering Committee and the Ambassador Program. For questions or to sign up for their e-blasts, email CYPN






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  1. Ali SekouJuly 24, 2018 at 11:57 am #

    Good Job Emily. I absolutely enjoyed reading your blog. Very well said! CYPN is a great organization to belong too. I participe every now and then to their events. Fun..Fun..

    • Emily SullivanAugust 9, 2018 at 7:37 am #

      Thank you so much, Ali!! Maybe I’ll see you at one of their events in the near future!

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