A Girl, Her Dirty Thirty, and The Best Birthday at Incredibrew

A brew on premise business is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an establishment that provides a space and equipment for the public to brew and bottle their own beverages. Did you know the oldest DIY brewery in the nation is located right here in the Granite State in Nashua? That’s right, this brewery and winery is conveniently located in the heart of Nashua amidst the popular chain stores and restaurants.

There are many perks to this place. The most obvious advantage to Incredibrew is that your average Joe can assume the role of a true beer magician or a vineyard connoisseur. The prices are affordable at just $7-8 per a bottle of wine (you have to buy the whole batch, so share amongst friends). The bottles also make great gifts, especially since you can create and design your own personal bottle labels. Keep that in mind the next time you’re looking for a bridal shower favor or want to customize a bottle for a wedding table number! Best of all, Incredibrew is something fun and unconventional to do if you’re looking for something refreshing and new to do in the area.

I recently had the pleasure of checking the place out for my friend’s thirtieth birthday. Chances are you’ve heard reference to “the dirty thirty club.” It’s kind of big deal when it comes time for someone to grow out of their twenties and enter a brand new decade. My friend’s husband wanted to make sure her special celebratory evening captured the significance of the occasion so he surprised her with a limo full of champagne and her best friends. We threw a tiara on her head, a sash on her shoulder, and told her to hop in.

When we arrived we were greeted with samplings of homemade beer at the front desk. We were soon welcomed by the unmatchable energy and ear to ear smile from Erik, who patiently entertained our party of 16 people for the evening. We started off with sampling some red wines and narrowed down the selection to identify which wine we would craft from scratch. The tasting was followed by a bunch of stirring, pouring, mixing, and a little distracted listening while the group assembled around the buckets of homemade wine.

We crawled back into the limo after an evening of belly laughs, delicious beverages, and an unforgettable experience learning the art of wine making. The group was in consensus – it was unlike any other 30th birthday celebration before and it was one that would go down in the books as a great night had by all. Be sure to check out Incredibrew if you have an appreciation for tasty beverages, if you’re curious about brewing, or if you’re just looking for something new to try in the 603!

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