The GOAT Bar and Grill

According to the patrons of the seacoast, The Goat Bar and Grill is quite literally the G.O.A.T., as in “the greatest of all time.” This burger grill and whiskey bar was just voted #1 Bar on Hampton Beach! That kind of recognition must not be taken lightly, because in Hampton Beach the competition is high and the customers are demanding, leaving only the best bars and restaurants to survive to the next summer season. With summer quickly approaching it’s time to start making your list of spots to hit when the weather gets warm and your tummy is rumbling. The Goat should be at the top of your list for outdoor dining, unique drinks, live music and delicious burgers.

The Goat is nestled in between the beach cottages and food stands of L street and is frequented by locals and tourists alike, all wanting a taste of that cowboy fun. With most of the restaurants on “the strip” offering fried dough, hot dogs and seafood, it’s refreshing to happen upon some gourmet burgers, comfort food and signature “goat-tails.” As a local foodie and burger lover myself, I know all too well the challenge of finding a good burger. For years I’ve been looking for someplace that can give me that juicy, flavorful, unique burger experience. All too often I’m left unsatisfied and regretful of my burger choice when it shows up on my plate overcooked, under seasoned and underwhelming. That is until I went to The Goat. I now know what a good burger tastes like. Better yet, I know where I can go to get it! I’m truly not exaggerating when I say that it’s one of the best burgers I have ever had.

The menu features incredibly interesting topping combinations like the Fatty Melt, which is topped with mac & cheese and bacon, or the Surfing Cowboy, topped with cheddar cheese, honey BBQ sauce and grilled pineapple. I had the Surfing Cowboy (plus avocado) on wheat bread with a side of cole slaw. HOLY YUM. I could not stop raving about it. In fact, I couldn’t even hold off long enough to take a decent photo! Not craving a burger? They have other specialties like the bacon bucket, truffle fries and even a salad if that’s how you roll.

Worried about the beach tourists getting in your way to burger heaven? Go on Monday and Tuesday when the crowds are down and the burgers are 2 for 1! If you’re going on the weekend just make sure there isn’t a country music artist playing at the Casino Ballroom… The Goat will be busting at the seems and you will be left burger-less for far too long. I won’t make that mistake twice 🙂

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