Doing Good NH: Jared Guilmett of Celebrate Laconia

This week I spoke with Jared Guilmett, an Architectural Designer at Misiaszek Turpin, the Vice Chair of the Belknap Mill Society, and the Publicity Director of Celebrate Laconia.

Jared was born and raised in Laconia. He attended Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston and received both a Bachelors of Science and Masters Degree in Architecture. After graduating, he knew he wanted to come home to his roots and live in Laconia. He wanted to gain exceptional professional experience with an architectural team that inspired him and to return to the community that was so much a part of his childhood.

Jared loves NH and in his spare time enjoys visiting the historic covered bridges throughout the state! He has been to all 68 and has been to all 234 cities and towns in the state of NH! When he isn’t taking road trips to see the beautiful sites of the state you can find him enjoying a performance at the Winnipesaukee Playhouse.

Jared and friends on one of New Hampshire’s covered bridges!

When asked how he got involved in giving back to the community Jared said, “I am a member and the Vice Chair of the Belknap Mill Society. My father had been heavily involved with the Mill throughout my childhood, and I spent many days exploring and volunteering there; fostering a strong spirit of community within the building, which I strive to strengthen and grow during my time here. In addition to my involvement at the Belknap Mill, I am heavily involved with another non-profit organization, Celebrate Laconia. It has been and continues to be an honor to work with this group of dedicated community members, in efforts to truly celebrate the city. 2018 is Laconia’s 125th anniversary, so we are kicking-off our organization with city-wide celebrations throughout the year.”

Since Jared was a teen he has been involved with the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction. He started by helping to make calls to the high-bidders. Today, he works alongside a fantastic team that coordinates “Item Clearance;” they process all auction items, notify high-bidders, manage cashier stations, and process donations, among other tasks. To Guilmett, this annual event truly embodies community and the accomplishments achievable through teamwork.

Jared’s love and enthusiasm for his city of Laconia shines through, and he wants to make a difference for others growing up in the beautiful city. Jared said, “my favorite cause is simply put, my community. To me, the strength of an organization can be measured in part by how it connects with and contributes to our growing communities; how it supports our society, our culture, our families.”

Jared is extremely passionate about Laconia and can’t wait to Celebrate Laconia as 2018 marks it’s 125th anniversary!

Celebrate Laconia is a nonprofit, civic organization whose mission is to celebrate the past, present and future of the City of Laconia; to promote vitality throughout the entire community by coordinating citizens, public officials, civic and non-profit organizations, and private businesses; to encourage cultural and economic development; and to develop a framework for the future of the city.

Celebrate Laconia is hosting two signature events alongside partnering with other local organizations to promote and celebrate the city over the course of the entire year. MANIFEST is the city’s birthday party that will be held on March 24th  at Pitman’s Freight Room in downtown Laconia. The second event, the Anniversary Extravaganza, will be held on July 7th and will be comprised of a parade, a festival with live performances, entertainment and games, and additional activities throughout the entire city, all culminating in a fireworks display.

Here are five things you should know about Celebrate Laconia:

  1. They have engaged over 50 local businesses in 2017.
  2. They have created a monthly newsletter to promote Laconia-based events, businesses and individuals.
  3. They partner with local entities to provide community-focused events over the course of the year.
  4. They created an Affiliate program with endless engagement opportunities for community members.
  5. This past year they launched the first annual Laconia ornament highlighting community landmarks.

Celebrate Laconia Volunteers!

Want to know more:

Check out their website here. You can scroll to the bottom of their page and sign up for their newsletter!

Upcoming Events:

Grab your calendar and save the dates for March 24th, their ManiFEST birthday party at Pitman’s Freight, and for July 7th, the Anniversary Parade and Party in the Park!

To Volunteer:

They are always looking for community members with a passion for Laconia, send them an inquiry to help here.

Advice for Young Professionals looking to give back:

Jared said, “I would have to stress the importance of work-life balance and always being yourself. The balance of work and personal life involves time management skills and prioritization that allows you to effectively complete professional tasks and personal tasks without destroying the integrity of either. Without developing this balance and understanding one’s professional passions and one’s personal passions, it becomes a difficult task to lead others and grow as an individual.”

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Robert Frost

There are so many wonderful people and agencies making a difference in our own back yards! If you would like us to feature your non profit agency or know of an amazing NH professional giving back like Jared then email me at

Until next time –Do Good NH!

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  1. Kim CaldwellMarch 9, 2018 at 2:16 pm #

    I love this guy! I have known Jared since his birth and none of his accomplishments surprise me. He has always put others before himself. Keep doing good things Jared!

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