Doing Good NH: Jill Ober and Jaimie Sousa of the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction

This week I had the honor of interviewing Director of Systems at Steele Hill Resorts, Jill Ober and Financial Advisor at The Foundry Financial Group, Jaimie Sousa. Both of these women are familiar faces to Lakes Region residents and true community gems. These women are truly making an impact on the region and setting an example of service for so many.

Jill and Jaimie

Jill was born and raised in the Lakes Region. When she isn’t working, volunteering with the United Way or the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction as a board member and phone bank coordinator, or spending time with loved ones, you can find her competing with her friends in obstacle courses such as the Spartan Beast.

Jill getting bids for items.

Jaimie lived in Massachusetts and Rhode Island before New Hampshire. Jaimie absolutely loves it here! Jaimie quickly became involved in her new community. Jaimie serves as Team Captain for the Fusion Pub Mania Team, a Fusion Professional Group board member, an incorporater of the Belknap EDC, and she was recently appointed to be a representative for the Governor’s Millennial Advisory Council. When Jaimie isn’t working or volunteering you can find her hiking with her pup, Riley, at a concert at Bank of NH Pavilion in Gilford, or at one of the Lakes Region’s amazing restaurants enjoying time with friends!

Both women are an instrumental part of the community-loved event the Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction! The Greater Lakes Region Children’s Auction is an annual event held every December in central New Hampshire. The fundraiser made $2,100 in its first year and has come a long way with the help of countless volunteers and donors who have helped turn it into a major campaign on an annual basis. The mission of the organization is to improve the lives of children and families in need.

Jaimie telling the audience to bid often and from the heart.

Here are five things you should know!

  1. The Children’s Auction is an amazing event which brings out the best in our community with the goal to help children and families in need.

  2. Over 700 volunteers come together to raise funds and distribute them to local organizations having a direct impact.

  3. Since 1982, the Children’s Auction has raised over $5 million through these efforts. That’s a huge number, but they get there with bids on items as low as $10 and kids making donations from piggy banks.

  4. They of course are beyond grateful for their corporate sponsors, but this is an event that everyone can get involved with and see their contributions add up to make a huge difference!

  5. It is easy to bid on items from the comfort of your homes by watching the auction on TV or listening to it on the radio.

Lakes Region Fusion Group Volunteering at the Phone Banks

What to know more??

To donate:

Monetary donations can be made year round at Items are only collected in the few weeks leading up to the Auction. They can be contacted at with any questions.

To volunteer:

They’ve been lucky to have volunteers that show up each year and make the Auction run flawlessly as though they were employees at a year round business. This has been a blessing and a downfall of not having many places for volunteers at the Auction. Now that they have an Executive Director in place, they will be considering more ways for the public to get involved. However, anyone can get involved at any time of year with a little initiative. There are opportunities to join a Pub Mania team or even hold your own events just to benefit the auction.

For more information:

Find them on Facebook or visit their website.


When asked why young professionals should get involved in their communities Jamie said, “I enjoy living here, so it feels right to give back. Donating your time to any cause allows you to gain perspective and appreciation for life in ways you may not have known before. It’s a great opportunity to get to know what your neighbors struggle with and how you can help.” Jill said, “Being an active member of your community not only benefits its residents. It is extremely fulfilling and being a small part of what makes the community great is worth every second of time that you volunteer.”

The Lakes Region Professionals Group Fusion Volunteering

“Bid High, Bid Often, Bid from the Heart”

There are so many wonderful people and agencies making a difference in our own back yards! If you would like us to feature your non profit agency or know of an amazing NH professional giving back like Jill and Jaimie email me at .

Until next time –Do Good NH!

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