Got Curiosity? Pause and Go Into that Cool Store

Do you ever notice the curiosity that grows from routinely driving by a cool store without ever parking and going inside? Then, one day, you promise to yourself, “Yes! I WILL make a point of going in there someday”?

Yes…no…maybe so? Anyway, I will confess that I frequently experience such curiosity as I drive throughout New Hampshire. This post is about one gem of a store I had the pleasure of going inside — Tendercrop Farm at the Red Barn. In addition to my building curiosity about the place, I was on a hunt for a pumpkin to carve since it’s October. As soon as I sauntered in, I thought to myself, “Oooh, so this is what I’ve been missing?!”

Little did I know that their selection of everything was on-point. For example, look at all these adorable home goods (I’ll definitely be doing some holiday shopping here):


And look at their produce section…beautiful, right?:


In case you were wondering, I left Tendercrop Farm as a proud pumpkin owner. But I also left with other information I wouldn’t necessary have if I hadn’t taken the time to go inside. I realize that with the Internet and social media it’s possible to scout out a store without stepping foot in it…but, what’s the fun in that? (Answer: very little fun, if any.)

P.S. — I know New Hampshire has numerous fascinating shops, so the next time you drive by one, pause and go into that cool store.

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