Grease Sing-a-long at The Red River Theatres

Rydell High's School colors!

Rydell High’s School colors!

Do you have a movie (or movies) that bring back memories from when you were a child? I have a good amount that hold great memories for myself and my family. One movie in particular was Grease! The 1970’s movie staring the handsome John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John that was set during the 50s. I remember my older sister (Regina) watching this movie and when I sat down in the living room at our house she warned me, “mom is going to kill you if she sees you watching this”, which meant that I was too young. But when you have an older sibling things like watching a movie that you are not supposed to be watching just, sort of happen. All the while praying that your mom does not come into the living room and find you. My three sisters and I watched this movie over, and over, and over again. It never gets old for us.

Regina and I before the movie started!

Regina and I before the movie started!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I found out that The Red River Theatre was holding a Grease sing-a-long!! I immediately invited my older sister to join me for a much needed girls night out. When we got to the theater we were greeted by employees and patrons dressed as Pink Ladies, Danny Zuko, Sandy Olsson, and Eugene Felnic. People who dressed the part were judged by the audience on who had the best costume, and many (young and older) came with their A-game.

When the movie started we had the subtitles to help us remember the words to the songs. but I am not sure many people needed them. Along with the singing we had a wonderful actor and amazing actress who acted out the singing and dancing on the stage. So much fun and they did an amazing job! It was such a fun night for Regina and I to get together and have a sisters’ night again.

Our actor and actress for the night!

Our actor and actress for the night!

The Red River Theatre holds many special events such as these along with its regular movie showings. The Red River Theatre is New Hampshire’s only non-profit full time cinema and they are committed to showing the best independent and locally made films. Red River runs off of its memberships! Memberships start at only $40 and offer many great benefits such as discounted tickets, members only events, discounts on special events, and a free movie during your birthday month! Please consider becoming a member and help keep fun events such as the sing-a-longs available in Concord! Thanks for the tickets, too, Red River!

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