Great Bay Half Marathon: Everybody in?

sneaksOk blog folks, I need your help. This post is dedicated to accountability, oh, and also to all of you. I signed up for an upcoming spring race on an enthusiastic evening in early January when I was still on vacation and life was easy, restful, and full of possibility.

I was coerced by a few friends who live for half marathons and other long races that seem to involve mountains, belts full of goo and tiny bottles of water, and hiking equipment. Compared to some of their stories, the Great Bay Half Marathon sounded like a breeze. “It will be so nice to workout outside and soak in that much needed Vitamin D,” I told myself. Plus, I had been gifted a sweet pair of Nike running shoes for Christmas, so I thought handing over $60 to seemed like the right thing to do.

Day one of 12 official weeks of half training starts tomorrow. As I pondered a blog topic for this week, I went back and forth about sharing with you my plans for April 12. In the end, I decided to give it a go and ask you to hold me accountable.

So, let me know if you’re training for a race as well. Offer advice from past training. Don’t let me complain about the weather. Check in with a comment or tweet (@devanrosey) to make sure I’m prepping for a run (or cross-training: swimming, or strength/stretching: Bikram) and not settling down on the couch for another episode of HBO’s Girls.

So, I guess I am in your boat, Beth, and I appreciate your playlist to pump me up for the impending “roller coaster hills” the race website describes.

See you out there, blog readers who run.

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