Greetings from Rochester: Public Art to Swoon Over

One of my favorite topics to write about is public art, simply because it is so enriching to the community it’s in. The creation of it is often done by a team of locals who care, and the town’s residents and visitors alike can be united in feeling something positive about the community they are in. 

I was recently lucky enough to participate in a local mural that was the brainchild and creation of Bianca Mireles in Rochester on the Salvation Army Building. This mural is vibrant, intricate, and engaging to the Rochester community and New Hampshire as a whole. 

Salvation Army Mural, in Rochester.
Photograph by John Gisis. Provided by Bianca Mireles.

Meet the Artist

Bianca is a New Hampshire transplant from Texas, who dreams of recreating Aztec art in a classical framework. This is not her first mural in Rochester either. Her first Rochester mural was of a moose, the moon, stars, mountains, and lots of vibrant neon colors on the former Charter Trust building, commissioned by Bernier Insurance. Her second gripping mural in Rochester includes the portrait of a woman, fox, bird, and flowers, and is located inside the Rochester Community Center and was commissioned by the Rochester Museum of Fine Art. Seeing more and more walls, (in this city filled with public art), with her unique style is so wonderful to see. And it means a lot to Bianca to do what she does:

Public art has been a way for me to feel like I’m creating tangible optimism. Most of my mural projects, including the Salvation Army mural, involve volunteers of all ages. I love watching people challenge themselves and earn a sense of accomplishment in giving to their community, many experiencing large-scale painting for the first time. It’s always enjoyable to interact with the onlookers who stop by, smile, and say ‘Thank you’. I hope locals feel a sense of pride when they see this mural, knowing that it was their own community who helped create it.”

Bianca Mireles in front part of her Salvation Army Mural. Photo provided by Bianca Mireles.


The Postcard Letters on the Salvation Army mural are a little extra special to me, as I was able to paint a letter myself! A part of me lives on that wall and I’m so honored I was able to be a part of the process. 

Postcard letter artists:

Lindsay Parker, Debbie Mueller, Katie Hall, Dickie Hudon, Mike Durkee, Laura Harper Lake, and Bianca Mireles.

Other Artists and volunteers include:

Abigail Beaulieu, Adam Leary, Alex Hensley, Ana Maria Clay, Anna Sillitta, Ashley Benson, Ashley R. Rawson, Chloe White, Chris Kofer, Corey Sloat, Drew Maranhas, Emerald Jade Sherman, Estella Marie Joseph, Giana Claudio-Clay, Greg Juarez, Gregg Joseph, Isabella Jordan, Jeffrey Bisson, Jen Daly, Jennifer Beaulieu, Jess Clay, John Gisis, Kayla Spruce, Kendra Darling, Lauren Oullet, Laurie Bazillion Grant, Lisa Stanley, Lucia Wondal, Michael Casteris, Mike Durkee, Natalia Buitrago, Natasha Robichaud, Nick Duvuono, Nicki Ramian, Nicole Jordan, Palana Leslie Hunt-Hawkins, Peter Jordan, Phaedra Poliquin Orme, Rick Purslow, Ryan Jordan, Samuel Mussavage, Stacey Purslow, Sydney Daly, Thayne Fagg, Thomas Austin, Todd Michael Radict, Topher Wynne-Hudon, and Will Capozzi.

A group of artists and volunteers at the Rochester Salvation Army Mural. Photo provided by Bianca Mireles.


Public art doesn’t just happen. Someone with a wall needs to be willing to have that wall beautified, and usually someone needs to pay for the supplies at minimum and ideally pays the artist for their hard work and abilities. It is wonderful to see so many organizations on the following list of Sponsors and Collaborators, who are very committed to improving the community of this city:

Sponsors and collaborators include:

Lisa Stanley (Rochester NH Rotary Club & Wit-Way Supply Inc.), Jess Clay of eXp Realty, Making Ours Great, Profile Bank, Rochester Museum of Fine Arts, Salvation Army, Kerry Norton, Home Depot, Rochester Sherwin Williams, Rochester MiBox (Hampton), SOS Recovery Community Organization, Rochester DPW, Miranda Landscape Co. LLC, JET Window Cleaning, Urban Tree (Ray Felts), and DeVuono Painting Group.

Professional interior/exterior painter Nicki Ramian. Photo by Mark Bolton. Photo provided by Bianca Mireles

Support Public Art

Want public art to happen in your town? Make it happen. Chat with local artists, local businesses, town officials, and local art organization to see how you can help. The three ingredients:

Artists + Walls + Funding = Public Art!

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