Happy Hour Starts Early

This past Sunday we set back the clocks, and the instant gratification was glorious. I probably went to sleep three hours later than usual on Saturday night just because I knew I’d be gaining an hour of sleep.

I woke up feeling like a million bucks on Sunday morning, but now all of that comes crashing back to Earth when it is dark at 5:00. At times like these I look for some other form of instant gratification, and there is no better option than Casa Mezcal in Nashua.

If the sun is dropping below the horizon earlier in the day, it just means we get an earlier reminder for happy hour. Casa Mezcal has us covered with some of the best margaritas in the area. Flavored with fresh fruit rather than artificial syrups, these margaritas will help you to find your own paradise here in southern NH.

Once you’ve had a chance to sip your margarita and snack on some chips and salsa, it’s time to order a table-side guacamole. The staff wheels over a cart full of fresh ingredients including diced tomatoes, chopped jalapenos, and shredded cilantro.

They make the guacamole right in front of you, prompting you for customizations along the way. Do you prefer a chunky guacamole with large bites of avocado and tomato? Or are you a smooth and creamy kind of person? Will the smallest amount of spiciness send you into a painful spiral or can you handle mouthfuls of jalapenos without breaking a sweat? It’s all up to you, with varying degrees in between.

The guacamole is served in a large stone bowl that looks as though it was mined from an ancient Aztec ruin, which matches nicely with the unique atmosphere at Casa Mezcal. The walls in the bar are painted with impressive floor to ceiling murals that catch your eyes with colorful imagery, and the dining room has sculpted figures arranged around a stone fountain. No matter how dark it is at 5 o’clock outside, you will feel as though you’re in the heart of sunny Mexico inside.

And the food is no exception as each item on the extensive menu is inspired by authentic Mexican recipes and made with quality ingredients. I frequently order the Mole Poblano – which is a chicken dish with mole ranchero sauce. It seems simple, but the sauce has a hint of sweetness and a nice kick of spiciness that somehow brings new flavors out of each bite.

Another favorite of mine is the Enchiladas Verdes, which are chicken enchiladas doused in a creamy tomatillo sauce with cotija cheese and sour cream. And if you prefer seafood, the Camarones Yucatan comes with a heaping portion of delicious grilled shrimp along with tasty grilled yellow squash and zucchini in a savory cheese dip. But if you simply can’t decide, there are plenty of combination plates that will cover all the bases from burritos and enchiladas to tostadas and chile poblanos.

So not to worry folks, a smaller window of daylight just means a larger window of food and festivities. As soon as that sun dips down, head on over to Casa Mezcal located at 96 Main Street in Nashua.

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