Happy Spring!

springnhTo kick-off spring in a unique way (especially given yesterday’s storm) we decided to do something fun with our ongoing bloggers. We asked them all the same question:

Tell me one thing you are going to do this spring in NH that you have never done before.

Their responses are below. See if you can guess which one belongs to which blogger – or wait for their blog post detailing their adventure! There’s definitely an outdoorsy theme here!….

  • I am going to run all of the races in the Capital Area Race Series (CARS).
  • I would love to zip line (and live to blog about it, haha)!
  • I’m going to plant my first flower garden at my first house!
  • I am doing the Rock Wall at Evolution Rock & Fitness.
  • I am going to become a volunteer at Miracles in Motion, a horseback riding school for children with disabilities.
  • I am going to be participating in the Color Vibe 5k.
  • I’ll be doing Aerial Fabric Yoga.
  • I will pull on my neon running pants to go with my Ghostbusters t-shirt for the Totally Awesome 80s 5K Run in Manchester.

What’s your best guess? Participants include: Jess, Carmen, Anna, Griffin, Alyssa, Alexandra, Laura, and Erin.

Welcome to New Hampshire, Spring!