Hey Mudbowl!

“It’s like Christmas!” exclaimed my friend Becca as we prepped the field at Hog Coliseum over Labor Day weekend. Becca and I, along with several other Mudbowl participants, were getting ready for the upcoming championships of mud football (also known as Mudbowl) which is slated for September 6-8 in North Conway.

Mudbowl brings new meaning to the term ‘playing dirty’ (in a good way!). This entertaining event has been played for years and years, and I am proud to say this is my sixth year volunteering at Mudbowl as a cheerleader for the local team, the Mount Washington Valley Hogs.

You’ve probably already guessed that Mudbowl requires two key ingredients: football and mud. What it also needs are hundreds of volunteers who play, cheer, or support the fundraiser in various ways by planning, working the event, selling tickets, etc. Mudbowl over the years has raised over $800,000 (according to the Conway Daily Sun) for local charities and organizations.

The 2013 Mount Washington Valley Hogs mud football team.

What’s a little bit of mud? The 2013 Mount Washington Valley Hogs mud football team.

Over the three day tournament, ten teams from across New England will play for the championship title. Teams who call New Hampshire home include the local Hogs, the North Country Mud Crocs, the Muddas Football Club, the Nashua Mud Gumbys and the Merrimack Mudcats. As if football played in knee-high mud isn’t entertaining enough, teams also put on crowd pleasers like skits, competitions, giveaways and more between games and there’s even a powder puff game for the cheerleaders. Each team also enters a float in the Tournament of Mud parade along with various local organizations. The parade starts at 10am Saturday and goes through North Conway village, ending in front of the Conway Scenic Railroad train station in Schouler Park. The parade is followed by more mud football on Saturday with the final games played Sunday and another championship trophy given to the top team.

This year’s Mudbowl theme is ‘Muddy Night Live,’ a spin on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Teams will use this them in their parade entries, skits, entertainment and other fun throughout the entire weekend. If you’re an SNL fan you do not want to miss the parade and Saturday shenanigans at Hog Coliseum! I don’t want to give anything away but you can expect to see some of your favorite SNL skits re-enacted, quite possibly even more funny than the originals!

All of this sounds amazing right!?! There’s a lot more to Mudbowl than what I have mentioned here but I will let you read it for yourself in the event program. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, fret not! They are available at the gate and are just $6 for adults or $4 for children, with family packs and multi-day tickets available as well. I hope to see you there! I’ll be on the field with the Hoggettes cheering for our team and working the event to help make it another successful year of mud football! Of course we are playing to win, but even if we don’t leave with a trophy, we’re giving back to the community in such a fun and unique way which is a win in of itself!

Heeeeeey Mudbowl!

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