Hey you, yeah you. Perk Up!?!

fairtrade1Over 50% of Americans age 25-40 drink coffee every day. Coffee is a $32 Billion (wow!) Dollar Industry. I worked at a coffee shop my entire high school career but never drank it until I started teaching in my early 20’s. I drink it black…yeah I know…totally gross, but I guess I don’t know any different. I am not an everyday coffee drinker, I am more of a cup, here or there, a few times a week type gal. 

Coffee can be deadly if you drink too much (like 100 cups in a day), but for most a cup a day will help you kick start your day or stay up late to study for an exam. Voltaire, one of the great European Philosophers who inspired many including Thomas Jefferson, is said to have drank 50 cups a day and Teddy Roosevelt, one of the most famous U.S Presidents, is said to have drank up a gallon of coffee a day. Yes, you guessed it…I am a social studies teacher!


Many local businesses throughout New Hampshire sell Fair Trade Coffee. Fair Trade Coffee is coffee that is purchased directly from the growers for a higher price than standard coffee, so that the growers can make a living and live comfortably. Unfortunately, not all growers get paid enough to make a good living. So when you buy Fair Trade you know that the growers are being treated and paid well. Although, there are still millions of farmers that work in horrible conditions regardless of environmental and social costs. Many websites I visited said that coffee is the second most valuable commodity exported from developing countries, petroleum being the first with the United States being the #1 client.


Here are some Fair Trade local run coffee shops in the Lakes Region/White Mountain Region you should check out:

Monte Alto in Plymouth is not only ALL fair trade but they actually own the farm in Peru where the coffee comes from!

Awakenings Cafe in Gilford is not only fair trade and organic, they are bird friendly as well!

My Coffee House in Laconia across from the Court House is also a family run fair trade café.

The Woodshed Roasting Company also in Laconia, offers a variety of Fair Trade Coffee!

greenmtncoffeeBig Cat Coffees in Franklin is one of the largest sellers of Green Mountain Coffee which is, you guessed it! Their coffee is Fair Trade! Did you know Green Mountain coffee also owns Keurig? GMC was just featured in a New York Times article outlining how they are informing their clients about drinking coffee responsibly and supporting the farmers!

So next time you see the “Fair Trade Seal” you know that the coffee farmer is making a living and using farming methods that are good for the environment and sustainable. 

Did you get your cup of Joe today? How do you drink it? Where is your favorite NH coffee shop?