Hibernating is for bears

The title of this post refers to a revelation I had a couple weeks ago; the ensuing content narrates my post-revelation adventures.

Since I can remember I’ve been pretty useless in the winter months. I’ve done it all- wondering why I live in New England, thinking about moving, going on vacation, closing my eyes- everything except trying to enjoy it, that is.

In high school I was a fall (field hockey) & spring (softball) athlete only, leaving winters wide open for a whole lotta nothing. I had done the whole hockey & basketball thing but was now thankful to have time to relax between seasons- hibernate, if you will. I spent my college breaks working so it never crossed my mind that I was missing out on anything.  Plus- who genuinely enjoys the cold, anyway?


Part A of my revelation comes complete with cold beer & black eyes (just kidding). If you haven’t heard of the New Hampshire Sports & Social Club, get out from under that rock (cc: Alyssa)! It provides twenty & thirty-somethings with a competitive outlet on weeknights.

I joined the semi-competitive dodgeball league on Thursday nights. Sixty bucks for about two months’ worth of middle school reminiscence. And did I mention beer?

There are a ton of available sports throughout all seasons. I challenge everyone to sign up for at least one league- what’s one night?


Part B: Well. Since NH is great at using social media to promote the wonderful amenities & activities it has to offer, I stumbled upon Ski NH’s Facebook status mentioning Learn to Ski & Snowboard Free Week. Running January 12-18 (yes, there are still three more days!) those interested sign up online and register with one of the participating mountains.

This past Sunday Jon & I trekked up to Cannon Mountain with some friends for what would be an unbelievably gorgeous and comfortable day. I picked up my free rental gear, took my free two-hour lesson & then explored other trails with my free pass. No complaints & I think I actually made it down a Blue on my last run of the day… at least it felt like a Blue.

In less than two weeks I did a 180 (no not on skis) from wishing the winter away, to actually understanding why people love it. It only took me 23 years and 22 cold winters (shoutout to Global warming) to figure this out, so I’m writing this to help you do the same.