What Are Your Holiday Traditions?

See what parents do to their children for a Christmas card? Circa 1990?

See what parents do to their children for a Christmas card? Circa 1990?

With the holidays fast approaching I always look for fun things for my family to do. My parents made (and still make) the holidays a very magical time and I want to continue that magic with my children. One of the first holiday festivities that kicks off the season is the Concord Christmas Parade. The parade goes up Loudon Rd in Concord at 9:30 AM. Many Veterans, local sports and dance teams, and school marching bands participate. And of course Santa makes an appearance and ends at the Steeplegate Mall where you can take pictures with him.

We have in the last couple years started a new tradition that does not have as much to do with the holidays as it does with my family’s love for snowboarding.  The last two years we have gone to the ski and skate sale held in Concord at the Green Street Community Center. We want to pass on our love for snowboarding to our boys and eventually be able to snowboard together as a family!

The Gift of Lights at the Loudon Racetrack is also another favorite for our family. What little boy wouldn’t love being near the racetrack with all those Christmas lights on for over two miles! It is also very inexpensive since you pay by the carload. Pack some Christmas cookies and turn up 94.9!

Something that we would love to make a tradition is the Polar Express in North Conway, NH that leaves from the Conway Scenic Railroad. We have only had the chance to go once but it was like we were really on the Polar Express heading to the North Pole. My oldest son who loves trains had a wonderful time and it is a great way to get into the holiday spirit! You do have to get your name put into a pool and if your name is drawn you can purchase the tickets for a date and time. So unfortunately it is not something that you would be able to go and do this year unless they still have tickets available.

Two downtown Concord events that our family always attends are the tree lighting in front of the state house and Midnight Merriment. The tree lighting ceremony is on black Friday and a great way to end your day of the hustle and bustle of shopping all those deals. Once the tree is lite they set off fireworks by the Merrimack River that can be seen from downtown. Who doesn’t love to shop local? On Friday December 6th Concord will be closing down main street for everyone to shop all the downtown stores. Downtown Concord has something for everyone on your Christmas list. From jewelry, to clothes, furniture, and many restaurants for those family members or friends that would love a gift card to dine out.

This last is probably my most favorite holiday tradition. That would be going to Santa’s Village. My family has had a lifelong obsession with Christmas and Santa’s Village so when they started opening for the Christmas season we hit the jackpot! My parents, sisters, nieces, nephews, Spouses, Aunts and Uncles all bundle up and visit Santa’s Village at Christmas time. There is something so magical about walking around in the cold with (preferable) snow on the ground and all the Christmas lights shining through the snow on the trees. It is absolutely beautiful and gets you even more into the holiday spirit.

What are some of your holiday traditions? Maybe my family will want to add it to our ever growing list each year!

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