House Hunters NH Edition

keep-calm-and-carry-on-househuntingWell I am growing up and becoming more of an adult, but what better place to do that in New Hampshire! My wife and I finally have pulled the trigger on hunting down our first home. This is all a result of her accepting a position at The Moore Center in Manchester, meaning that a two person commute from Plymouth is pretty much out of the question. So we took to the best and most reliable resource for folks in the market for a new home, NNEREN. This site is one that pulls all the correct and most timely data from realtor listings, where sites like Zillow and Trulia are a few days behind on updates because of their merger. (As an aside though, Zillow has an awesome app for looking at homes, so start there and cross reference NNEREN to be sure)

So we went to a lender, got our budget and started the search. You all know we have Willow, the pup, so buying a condo or renting an apartment was not something we wanted to do, so a house of our own was the next reasonable step. We really took to exploring anything that is within a half hour or so to Manchester, where we will both work. Towns like Auburn, Goffstown, New Boston, Weare, Candia, Hooksett, Penacook, Concord and Bow made the top of the list with our price range. We took a weekend and drove through all those towns to see the community, the main street, the restaurant scene and any close by parks and rivers. We are social and active people, so a community that is welcoming of that type is important to us.

Now that we got a look at the towns it was time to start looking at the homes. With several referrals from friends and family, we met with a few realtors to get the feel of working with them. This is important because you want to find a realtor that is there to represent you, to be honest, provide good advice steering you in the right direction, and just plain helping you through the process. With our realtor in tow, we started receiving homes that fit our criteria to look at.

Scheduling visits and seeing homes is fun! Sometimes sit’s an open house, sometimes the seller’s realtor is there, and sometimes you’re all alone. You get to see homes that are a hundred years old and some that are less than 10; character and architecture from each generation pouring out. You get to hear the creaks and moans, or feel the rigidity of modern buildings (if they get built well). You’ll see duds and you’ll see ones that you would be comfortable calling home. Try and picture your furniture and belongings in the space that someone else has lived in for years. Picture yourself cooking in that kitchen, sitting in that family room for a movie, or having a beer in that back yard. You want to be comfortable.

I think that through my searches I am beginning to understand what I really want, and who knows, we may have found the one already, or it’s still out there. What’s meant to be is meant to be. Don’t force anything, but have fun. New Hampshire has a lot of nice towns and homes to see and there will always be your dream home right out of your price range so make the right sacrifices for the right reasons! Happy house hunting!

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