How to Grow Your Business (in a not-so-busy state) 

Finding opportunities to branch out your business are challenging, when you live in a smaller, not-so-busy state it feels impossible. I’ve grown up in New Hampshire all my life and I love living here, I just didn’t see many opportunities for young professionals to grow and have support. I left New Hampshire and went to Florida because I thought there was going to be more to offer. Within four months, I realized I missed New Hampshire and everything I had learned there.

After coming back to the state, I began working for EXIT Realty Great Beginnings, a real estate company, and soon after, I started developing my interests and decided to pursue real estate. It wasn’t until I met other agents, for example Renee Hopkinson, that helped me see how important it was to find a community with those around you that will support you and help you expand your business. Renee is a young entrepreneur who has successfully started her business right out of college and now operates Renee Mckenna Photography, as well as being a Realtor with EXIT Realty Great Beginnings. While more groups for young professionals have started I didn’t see enough around me, so Renee and I started The Honey Hive to be the support others could have. The most important thing is the ‘community over competition’ mindset we carry – we all help each other grow no matter what industry. We support the “no question is a dumb question” policy – so ask away. I love this group because it gives people a reason to build their business in New Hampshire and to stay here and be successful.

Being in real estate is not a requirement to participate. The Honey Hive is open to all categories of professionals, and we encourage a variety! We meet every second Thursday of the month at the same time though location can vary. Join us for our next meeting on Thursday, July 12th from 12:30p – 2:00p at Exit Realty Great Beginnings, 6 Garvins Falls Road in Concord. Details can be found on our Facebook page.

L to R: Renee Hopkinson and Melina Murray – co-founders of The Honey Hive.

Melina Murray is a head administrator in the Concord area. Melina also likes to take film photography to capture real life situations in the moment. Melina hopes to pursue a career in real estate and marketing. She likes antiques, animals, and polaroid cameras.

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