How’s your email signature looking?

Our friends at Vital Design wrote a blog post “Vital’s Guide to Creating a Great Email Signature” that we thought was worth sharing. Check it out and see how your email signature stacks up!


We learned a lot from our email signatures search. First of all, we learned that a really great email signature is hard to find. Some people are doing great, creative things with text, while others use graphics well and others are really working their links. But a signature that combined all of these elements was about as hard to find as a reasonably-priced beer at Fenway. So we set out to combine all of the great elements from the examples we received into a definitive guide to creating an email signature that truly swings for the fences.

How to create a great signature

A relatively minimal signature is optimal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage the signature—it’s all about editing. You need one phone number, not three (and you definitely don’t need a fax number). Link to one website—if it’s your work email, link to your company’s website. That’s all you need. Experts recommend that you type out the URL and make it a link (i.e. ) so that people viewing in plain text can copy and paste the URL and still get to your site.

When it comes to social media, select only the accounts you really use and want to use to reach out to the people you’re emailing. So, if it’s a professional email, you probably want to include only LinkedIn and Twitter, and maybe a company Facebook page.  (You probably aren’t connecting with potential clients via your personal Facebook page, your Pinterest, your Skype username, your Reddit account etc.) That said, if your business does heavily use a particular social network (for instance, if you’re an interior design company that uses Pinterest) then by all means share it!

You may also want to include a link to a blog, a presentation video or a portfolio–this is great, but just include one and remember to keep it current. Don’t inundate people with a dozen links to projects or social accounts you may or may not keep updated. The key is focusing on the channels, projects and information that the email’s recipients are going to be interested in—and then ditching the rest.


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Nice work. Makes people want to actually click on the channels you shared because they’re visible, in a clean placement and it’s not longer than the content of a lot of emails. We’d love to see this kind of text tricked out with a nice logo and social media icons.


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People just do not need 16 different ways to reach you. This is not a resume or a personal website, it’s an email signature. Editing is your friend!

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