Hungry Hungry for The Hippo

Now, just in case you are confused by this post’s title, let me start off by clarifying that The Hippo is a free publication. Even if you’ve never picked up a copy, it’s likely that you’ve passed a stack of them (especially if you live in southern area of the state). According to their website, they are “New Hampshire’s largest circulation weekday publication…and [it’s] distributed throughout southern New Hampshire at more than 1,200 locations.”

Although I haven’t been to all the locations (that would be a crazy accomplishment, wouldn’t it?!), there’s a particular spot in Dover where I fetch my copies. In fact, the location is so convenient that I always walk there. I guess you could say it’s a little tradition I’ve developed.

The very first time I saw The Hippo (and read it) was in February of 2015. I had just moved here from Virginia and I was hungry for any information that would help me navigate my new life in the Granite State. Did it satisfy me? Sure did. Best of all, almost 2 years later, I still crave and devour its content. In addition to being a wealth of information about NH news and events, there are several other reasons why The Hippo is a delightful publication:

  • They provide reviews of new books and movies. (Personally I love movies, so reading reviews is the main way I stay on top of what’s playing in theaters).
  • Perusing the colorful ads may give you ideas about nearby restaurants to try.
  • Each edition has puzzles, so if you like crosswords or Sudoku then make sure you have a pencil ready:
  • The covers can be interesting. For example, I found this cover so cute that it’s hanging on my refrigerator:


I could easily continue providing reasons, but it’ll stop there. I mean there are over 1,200 locations so why wouldn’t you fetch your own copy and see what delights you?

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