Hurry Up and Slow Down

If there is one thing I never get tired of hearing, it is how friendly people in NH are. I am well aware that saying that everyone in NH is friendly is an exaggeration, but I think we may have more than our fair share of super friendly people.

The reason I never get tired of hearing it is because it means that I have just done something that made this person so happy, that they felt the need to make the comment. As crazy as it may seem to some people, this is my joy! My desire to make people happy is not exclusive to my life as a professional in the hospitality industry. I am a classic middle child and I want to make someone’s day no matter where I am or what I’m doing. It can be as simple as looking someone right in the eye and saying, “Hello! How are you?”

I have observed that it’s often the people from larger cities that are so surprised by how personable people are. In big cities it seems like everything and everyone is going so fast that there is not time to stop and exchange pleasantries with anyone. Living in a very “touristy” area, many of the people I meet are from bigger cities that have come for vacation. They want to slow down a little and they want to experience the charm of whatever quaint little town they are in and in my mind that would include meeting the locals.

Jack & Buddy on their way to a wedding.

Jack & Buddy on their way to a wedding.

I go to New York City once in a while to visit my Aunt and I most recently went in May of 2014. During my short 2 day visit, she had to remind me countless times that I can’t just stop people in the street to pet their dogs. (I had not actually done it, but kept threatening to) What?! There is a fuzzy puppy coming right towards me and I can’t pet it?! MADNESS!!! The concept was especially foreign to me because it takes me over an hour to walk a half mile in Lincoln and Woodstock with my kids because people keep stopping us to say hi to them. (Not a complaint! They love it as do I)! People will often say, “Well thank you for letting us say hi to your dogs, we don’t want to keep you.” Keep me from what? I am in no rush, and if you knew my kids, you would know that they are certainly in no hurry. In fact, when I see someone looking at Jack and Buddy from a distance and saying how cute they are, I ask them if they want to say hi because most of the time I can tell they really want to pet them, but don’t know if they should ask.

We may live in a world where people are increasingly apprehensive to approach strangers, and for some very good reasons, and nobody seems to have a second to spare, but I take pride in the fact that I live in a place where it is common knowledge that most of the locals are pretty friendly. I happen to be a very friendly local and if you ever see me and the little guys in the picture out walking around town, please feel free to approach and say hi! None of us bite!

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