I Have Never Been Skiing…

I have never been skiing; ever. This is actually one of the most shocking things that I say to people in the winter. I grew up 15 minutes from Cannon Mountain and I now work at the hotel that is at the base of Loon Mountain. I have never been skiing; ever. People cannot seem to wrap their minds around the fact that I have access to skiing and don’t do it. I often put things into perspective by asking these people how often they think someone who lives 10 minutes from Disney World goes to Disney World.

Winter Trees are so beautiful

Winter Trees are so beautiful

This seems to make sense to people. The other side of the coin is that I enjoyed so many other things during the winter months when I was a kid. I used to spend my days sledding, ice skating, riding snow mobiles, having snowball fights and building snow forts. My sisters and cousins and I would play outside until we were soaked through our snow gear and then go inside for hot chocolate and wait for our clothes to dry by the fire so we could go out and do it again. Playing it all back through my mind, it really could have been a Norman Rockwell painting!

These days, I’m not much of a winter person due to the fact that I am not the pliable, petite child I used to be. That, and my grandmother is probably not interested in tying my boots, zipping my coat because I can’t do it with my mittens on and making sure that my mitten cuffs are properly tucked into my jacket so the snow can’t get in. Actually, that may be the real reason I don’t play in the snow anymore…

So peaceful and quiet.

So peaceful and quiet.

I am not against winter in general, but I am convinced that one wrong turn on a sled going Mach 3 down a slippery slope and I would break into 1,000 pieces. I also believe that a hard packed snowball thrown by a 31 year old former varsity softball player is a lawsuit waiting to happen! It seems that the days of snowy shenanigans with my siblings and cousins are long gone. I don’t have young children that would require my participation in outdoor activities and Jack and Buddy have legs that are 2 inches long and could not be less interested in playing in the snow; even with their winter boots on…we’ll get into that another time…

What I enjoy about winter now is the way winter looks! I love living in the White Mountains! Driving around after fresh snow has fallen on a sunny day and seeing the tree branches hanging low from the weight of the snow is one of my favorite winter scenes! That being said, there are so many great scenes to choose from. The mountains, waterfalls, back roads, the rivers…and on and on!

While I may not spend much time making snow angels or ice skating on my grandparent’s pond anymore, there are still so many things I love about winter in NH.

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  1. Jeff BrownJanuary 19, 2016 at 6:43 am #

    Count me among the New Hampshire natives who have never skied. My parents were skiers in their youth; when they got married and I came along, that all stopped. As kids we never really had an interest, and they didn’t really suggest it; mostly it was understood that skiing was something “rich people” did, and as we weren’t wealthy, that wasn’t us. Even through college, when I had two roommates who were active on the campus ski team, the bug never bit me. At this point, I figure I dislike broken bones, and skiing goes against that if not done well – that, and I’d have to beg my skiing friends to hang out with me on the bunny slopes, and I’m not about to drag their enjoyment down.

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