Ice Cream in the Merrimack Valley!

It’s June! The weather is finally consistently nice out! What are you doing, if you aren’t standing in line at one of your favorite ice cream haunts this very instant? Whether it’s soft serve or hard, ice cream is one of the most delicious elements of a happy summer.

Fortunately for us in New Hampshire, we have some of the best mom and pop places in the country. Ice cream is no exception. So where do you like to go when it’s ice cream time? Some local favorites you might want to try:

Hayward’s, Nashua, Milford:

Award winning hard ice cream, now with soft serve too, Hayward’s is a great place to take the family for a delicious ice cream treat. They make their own delectable flavors, such as salty caramel Oreo. Located in Nashua and Milford, this place is close by, and it’s delicious!

King Kone, Merrimack:

A must stop location in Merrimack, King Kone is famous for affordable soft serve, with flavors that change weekly. With changing flavors come changing blends, so if you have a coconut and banana flavor week, know there’s a good chance you’ll have coconana as an option. They also have a peanut butter shell dip that adds that extra oomph!

The Puritan, Manchester:

That’s right! The Puritan is more than just a restaurant—they have an excellent assortment of takeout ice cream. Indulge in Almond Coconut Chip or even Baklava flavored ice cream as you enjoy the sights and sounds of Manchester.

Moo’s Place, Derry:

Looking for a wide variety of soft and hard serve ice cream? Look no further! Moo’s Place has a wide assortment of flavors and is located in a cute little parlor shop right in the heart of Derry. They also have a wondrous list of sundaes—not one to miss!

With varied menus and plenty of options, we have no lack of yummy treats available here in the southern half of the state. Did I miss a great place that you love to frequent? If so, share in the comments!

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