Ideas That Would Take Me All Around The World

View from my front door. And early morning sunrise

View from my front door. And early morning sunrise

I must say, that I now officially feel like a resident of the Granite State. I am one of the newest bi-weekly bloggers for Stay Work Play! I am very excited for this new little adventure in my life and for you all to read my stories. I am a little nervous to publish my thoughts for allllll of the world wide web to see, but why not jump on the band wagon? I wouldn’t be surprised if YOU already have a blog of your own! I’ve never done this before though, so please let me know of any faux pas I may be committing… To start, I am going to give you a little bit of my background and one of the first experiences I recently had while Staying in New Hampshire

I technically became a resident of this great state when my Connecticut license expired my senior year of college at Plymouth State University. Once I graduated in 2008, I decided to stay. My parents moved away from my home town and I acquired a great selection of friends while going to school in Plymouth, so why not start a life here? It took me a little while to find a decent job. At the time, the economy was failing epically so, I wasn’t even expecting to find a job in my field -which is graphic design. But in the mean time I continued to work at Plymouth House of Pizza (PHOP), my trusted college job. From there, I moved on to Northway Bank as your local Banking Services Representative. This job was not for me…. but I had health benefits and paid vacations, which made it more tolerable. Some of my co-workers even became some of my best friends. It was my first ‘grown-up’ job and it did teach me a lot about working in an office. From the bank, I moved to Dekal Inc, as the full time in-house graphic designer. FINALLY, a job in my field! Except recently, I went from the full time designer to the freelance designer which gives me lots of free time during the day to focus on either growing my own business, or to find another full time graphic design job in this great state of New Hampshire. I’m thinking the latter, but we’ll see what happens and I will be sure to keep you posted when it does! So for now, to pay the bills I am serving at the Italian Farmhouse, in Plymouth.

For fun stuff, I love to hike with my boyfriend and my dog. I’m a total homebody. I live with Josh in Thornton in a small apartment, with a great big back yard (aka the White Mountains). I really enjoy crafting and creating things. I always have a few projects that I’m working on…. (nothing is ever completed, really). I recently just chopped and donated 14 inches of my hair! Such a huge change for me. I really enjoy cooking and I have these really great friends (who have become my New Hampshire family) that organize pot luck dinners where we all get together with tons of fantastic food and wine. My fellow blogger Griffin is part of this crew and I first heard about Stay Work Play through him! Our gatherings are a really nice reprieve from the week to forget about any of the stresses that we’ve incurred. We have Katie and Eli’s annual Memorial Day gathering this weekend and I’m super excited! Music is also huge love of mine. Give me a jam band and a stage on the side of a hill somewhere in a field in New Hampshire and I’m one happy chick.

SO to carry on, I have a little story to share. It was bright and early this past Monday morning, and my boyfriend Josh and I woke up our landlord banging on the door. He proceeded to tell us that a back-hoe was to arrive shortly to dig up the septic tank directly in front of our apartment and if we needed to use the water, use it now because he wasn’t sure when we would be able to again. I am aware of what a septic system does, but from where I come from (Suburbia, CT), septic systems simply do not exist. And if they do, we definitely don’t talk about them. And maybe it’s because I am a transplant instead of being born and bred in New Hampshire, but it was a slightly traumatizing experience. We thought that maybe if we left to take a little hike with our dog, Rocky for a few hours that we would come back home and everything would be fine and dandy. Ohhh man, was I wrong! The problem was MUCH worse. We came home to a gigantic hole with 3 men in it, staring at a steaming and broken septic tank. They came to find out that there was a busted pipe which was causing all the clogging. All in all, the whole situation got A LOT worse before it got better. Thank goodness for Josh’s parents who live in Holderness because we definitely moved in for the night. I guess the problem is still not entirely fixed and it most certainly put a damper on our day off together, but I’m glad that I got that (first) experience over with. And I definitely learned that putting off septic problems is a no-no!

I’m hoping that my septic story doesn’t deter you from continuing to read my blog in the future. I promise never to talk about it again! I guess I just had to get it out of my system (har har)…But seriously, I do hope that you enjoy my stories about Staying, Working and Playing in New Hampshire. I’m gonna talk about my dog and my job and the big garden that I will have in the back yard for the first time this year. This first post is just to introduce myself and I hope to have kept you entertained! I’ll certainly keep in touch, and I hope you do too! Blogging off, Sincerely Yours- Colleen

3 Responses to “Ideas That Would Take Me All Around The World”

  1. SharonMay 24, 2013 at 12:22 pm #

    Great blog, great person, you are….Good luck !! xo

  2. GlennMay 24, 2013 at 2:13 pm #

    Nicely done, Colleen. Enjoyable to read.

  3. TessaMay 25, 2013 at 7:15 am #

    Great post! I too am a transplant to NH and come from CA where septic systems are not a conversation point. Moving to NH 8 years ago taught us to really appreciate that unspoken system occupying our backyard! 🙂
    Looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

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