If the Apocalypse doesn’t cometh

Christmas is almost here- meaning it’ll be gone before we know it, unfortunately. But then comes New Year’s. PARTAY. I made a promise to myself that I would make realistic resolutions this year- you know, so that maybe I’ll keep them. I’ve always made positive ones (to do something rather than stop something) thinking that they’re more satisfying to fulfill. This year, they are mostly to hang out with some people who I don’t see as much as I’d like to.

It may not sound like much, but it’s important to me. Plus, I can kill multiple birds with one stone and do some great stuff with these great people. I actually wrote these as promises in some Christmas cards with the hope it would become a two-way effort.

One of the coolest things that has been brought to my attention is the new studio on Hanover Street called Muse Paint Bar. You sit, talk, drink & PAINT. There’s a staff of experienced artists who teach the group how to paint one image every class, and then you get to take it home and convince people it’s a newly-discovered Van Gogh.

Next on my list is something I’ve already started, but it will be full steam ahead come the new year. I recently joined the MYPN Marketing Committee with two of my fellow SWP bloggers who shall remain nameless. Psyche- Alyssa & Griffin. It’s a great group and they all work hard on projects alongside their full-time jobs. I look forward to helping out and hanging out with great peeps.

The third resolution that I’ll bore you with is that I’m going to re-learn to snowboard. Jon is wicked into it and actually very good. We scrounged up some old snow pants, a board & boots (thanks to his sister moving to Cali! Hi, Jen!) He routinely makes a jump on the hill in our backyard, and though you certainly won’t catch me on THAT, I’ll enjoy my own personal bunny hill. If I stop blogging, it’s because I discovered (AGAIN) that I’m not good at it & broke both wrists. I hope I get the hang of it, because there are obviously so many outstanding mountains in this wonderful state.

If any if you make these types of resolutions, I encourage you to look around for some events and locales in your area that you may normally overlook. I’ve found, and been introduced to, some awesome things that I’d never find without putting in a little extra effort- or making the resolution.