Why I’ll Always Come Back

20150720_195221 As I’m sure many of us are doing this summer, I have been going on vacation and, dare I say leaving our Granite State. However, I feel like I am becoming so much more aware of how nice it is to come back to New Hampshire. As much as I love to travel and explore cities and towns either for the first time or the hundredth time there really is nothing quite like our little state.

Think about it for a second; we have mountains visible from just about everywhere, a mix of cities and quaint towns, hiking mountains with gorgeous views, lakes and beaches, breweries and wineries, local product, and probably about a thousand other wonderful things.

20150622_113614Sure, those of us who grew up here have poked fun at living in this smallstate, which is honestly one of the perks of living here. We joke about the size or something being “very New Hampshire” which covers an array of meanings, but, there is a stillness that exists here even the busiest of places. No matter where you travel to or even if you find a new home it’s hard to forget New Hampshire or not to come back and feel a sense of home (even during the times we make fun of it).

I know this may seem like a silly blog post, but after the ridiculous winter and lack of spring I think I’ve really been taking in the summer and enjoying the sun and various activities and sights that exist here.

I hope everyone is enjoying their NH summer as well!


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