I’m Fly…and I CAN Fly!

I mentioned in another post that I am not “well-traveled”. Much of the reason for that is some anxiety stuff and of course finances, but the main reason is one anxiety in particular; flying. I have been afraid of flying my whole life. I would not go as far as to say that it’s a phobia because my fear of flying is not totally irrational, I mean, really, there are plenty of reasons to be afraid of flying…but I digress.

Some years ago while working at one of my jobs, I made a friend. This friend is a pilot and this friend has a plane. We talked about flying sometimes and I always stuck firmly to my stance that I was never going to do it. He told me that someday he would get me up there and I would laugh and tell him that there was nothing he could do to change my mind.

A couple of years later while I was sitting at home, something came over me. I can’t even begin to explain what it was, but…something. I called my friend and said that I wanted to fly, but we had to do it quickly before I changed my mind. He, very happily and excitedly, came and picked me up and we headed for the airport where he keeps his plane.

We talked about it and I kept hoping that I wouldn’t change my mind when we got there. I think part of what made me want to do it, was this was an opportunity to do it with someone that I trusted implicitly and so many of the things that scared me about flying, didn’t apply to this scenario. I knew the pilot and I was the only passenger!
He carefully inspected the plane and went through the check list methodically and with the utmost care. It is the same checklist every time and every item on it is crucial and must be checked properly every single time. I climbed into the plane and looked at all of the controls and dials.

A short time later with the checklist complete, the plane fueled and both of us strapped in, it was time to go. Because the plane is so small, the noise it makes is very loud and you are very close to it so you communicate with each other through the headsets. We taxi down the runway and this is the moment of truth; my very last chance to change my mind before I leave the ground. I didn’t change my mind and the next thing I knew, I was flying!DSC01263

It was like nothing I had ever done before! It was exhilarating and terrifying! We did multiple landings and takeoffs from different locations and I actually flew the plane myself! We flew over my hometown and my grandparent’s house and they came out and waved and they could see me waving to them! We flew through Franconia Notch State Park too! How many people in NH can say they have done that?!


I really enjoyed the experience and I actually did it again after that. The time we flew over to Mount Washington! While getting good pictures is not the easiest thing to do, that did not stop me from trying!

If you ever get a chance to fly over NH…DO IT!!!

I could see the forest!

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