Introducing Brew New Hampshire!

Craft beer is blowing up all over the US. From fertile new lands in the Southeast to early adopters along the West Coast and right here in New England, there isn’t a single region of the country that’s not seeing significant growth in brewery openings, bottle shops and online chatter from craft beer die-hards. It’s a lot to navigate (in fact, a new brewery has probably just opened up during the course of this intro). This is where Brew New Hampshire comes into play.

Brew New Hampshire

Founded in 2013 as a joint venture between the Beer Distributors of New Hampshire and the Granite State Brewers Association, Brew NH exists to unlock the state’s multifaceted beer industry while also showcasing the larger picture of recreational, culinary and historical offerings packed inside the Granite State’s borders. In a state our size, you’d be very hard-pressed to find yourself far away from local beer, if not one of our 55 breweries.

So how do we as a fledgling organization open up this hoppy landscape? To start with, we run things very grassroots (if you’re interested in helping out, contact us here). We have a very talented and dedicated team of volunteers, who manage our social media, liaise with breweries, and work beer festivals and tastings to help promote the #NHBeer brand to state officials, beer drinkers and the media.

Another of our operational modes that feels uniquely New Hampshire is working in partnerships. The Granite State is small, which means our business community is quite cozy as well. We’re fortunate to have already worked with the Department of Travel and Tourism, University of New Hampshire, and Stay Work Play, but we’re always looking for partnerships that make sense, whether they’re with other organizations or passionate, beer-loving individuals.

Enough “getting to know you” business, if you want to see where the rubber meets the road, please visit Brew NH. We’ve got the most up-to-date listing of New Hampshire breweries, a social media hub that makes borderline-gratuitous use of the #nhbeer hashtag. Moving forward, we’ll offer travel agendas for different regions and themes and tie them to breweries. And speaking of personalities, you’ll be amazed by the people who make your favorite beers.

We know beer can’t change the world, but we do know that a healthy beer industry can bring economic development, excitement, and jobs to communities in all stages of development. It also brings a lot of fun. Keep your eyes peeled on the Stay Work Play blog for more “Stay Brew Play” posts once a month. Our dedicated volunteers are writing profiles, event updates and maybe even a few listicles and quizzes to keep you in the loop. In the meantime, go support your local breweries!

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  1. Prince CharmingJanuary 17, 2017 at 12:32 pm #

    Where is a 2017 list of breweries with links?

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