Introversion and Mountain Climbing

Sometimes I disappear. I turn my phone off and just go. It’s never for very long and I always let people know of my intentions, because I don’t have any desire to disappear forever. I disappear because I am a secret introvert. I say secret because most people are surprised when I tell them – ‘But Maggie, you’re always so social!’ they will say. And this is true – as a recruiter, it is part of my job to be social and I love it. I love meeting new people and chatting with them and the best part of my job is that I get to do this every day and the worst part of my job is that I get to do this every day.

Taking time to reflect on the way to the top.

Taking time to reflect on the way to the top.

A big difference between introverts and extroverts is how we gain and lose energy. The constant social interaction, for me, is a drain on my energy and requires me to spend time alone to ‘reboot.’ And that’s when I disappear. My favorite place to disappear to is Mount Monadnock. I recently spent a day on the Mountain exploring – by myself – and re-energizing.

My attempt at being a photographer.

My attempt at being a photographer.

I went on a Sunday and the day was warm with a bit of a chill to it, so that a light jacket at the top of the mountain was welcomed. The mountain was crowded with hikers for me to ignore – I have to admit that I am not the most affable of hikers when I am alone. I tend to pretend that the families of leaf peepers are just noisy bits of scenery. Don’t get me wrong, I will say hello and offer polite words of encouragement to their out-of-state children who have never seen trees outside of a city park, let alone climbed a mountain – but, I still tend to keep to myself because this is time for me. When I am on the mountain, it is okay for self reflection and just stillness. When I am on the mountain, I can stop whenever I like in order to take in the scenery and take photos. And when I am on the mountain, I don’t actually need to speak to people or tell them that I’m not upset, I’m just naturally quiet. The mountain never asks anything of me. The mountain is just there and happy to be my sanctuary when things get too loud in the world around me.

Who wouldn't want to live in NH with a view like this?

Who wouldn’t want to live in NH with a view like this?

One of the great things about living in New Hampshire is the abundance of nature. Whenever I begin to feel overwhelmed, I can just hop in my car and drive ten minutes down the road to the closest nature type place and if I need an entire day – I can always go visit my mountain. has some really great, albeit silly, articles dealing with the subject of introversion and what you should know about us.

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