Irish it were so – New St. Patty’s Traditions

There are St. Patrick’s Day traditions, then there are things that should be St. Patrick’s Day traditions. Today I bring you the latter. To my knowledge, none of the following are true traditions, but if they are, and you know about them, please let me know! Otherwise, feel free to take up one of these, or all of these, and make your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations even more awesome.

Green beverages all day

You’ve heard of green beer, which is great, but this takes it one step farther. To show your true appreciation for all things green, carry green food coloring with you throughout the day and add it to everything you drink: coffee, tea, Guinness Float, milk, orange juice, beer, whiskey, etc. Be prepared for a lot of people giving you weird looks, but take solace in the fact that you are more committed to celebrating your fake Irish heritage than they are.

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Lightning Fast Leprechaun Race

We’ve all heard of a shamrock shuffle, which is a 5k that is typically done for fun. It can be fun, but it can also be crowded. I’m proposing a new race that focuses solely on speed to weed out those who are not truly committed to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. I call this race the Lightning Face Leprechaun Race. In this race, the fastest among your group of friends must dress up like a Leprechaun and run (on a predetermined route), away from everyone else, who is trying to catch them. If they are caught, the costume changes hands, and the race continues. Whoever stays in the costume the longest, wins a Guinness Float. This race must be at least a 5k.

Shamrock Pizza

Every year Constantly Pizza makes a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day, which is great. Unfortunately they don’t make a shamrock-shaped pizza (I called to check), and as far as I know, no one does. Well don’t despair, invite your friends over, grab a a bunch of pizza dough and bake a pizza in the shape of a shamrock (three or four leaf). If you’re successful, send me a picture on Instagram and I’ll buy a Guinness Float for whoever makes the best shamrock pizza.

I found this on Pinterest, and all I can say is, “whoa.”

Snake Hunt

Way back when, St. Patrick drove snakes out of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day was born. The Snake Hunt mimics St. Patrick’s work and is done in a similar fashion to an Easter egg hunt. Basically, someone needs to hide plastic snakes all around a house (inside or out), and then a group of friends will go hunting for them. Whoever collects the most snakes in a burlap sack wins a Guinness Float (see below).

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Guinness Float

If you don’t know what a Guinness Float is, don’t despair. I have written about them extensively in the past, and I’ll fill you in now. Grab a pint of Guinness, drink a quarter off the top, drop in a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream and drizzle chocolate sauce on top. Voila! A Guinness Float is born. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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