It’s All About The Smoke!

I am a huge fan of smoked meats, so you can imagine my excitement when I found The Original Smokey Goodness Pub and Grill while taking a nice afternoon ride around New Hampshire.105
There are so many ways to smoke and barbecue meats along with endless ways to flavor the meat. The terms “smoking” and “barbecue” are used to describe the tastiest ribs to grilling a simple hamburger. You also have to consider different cultures that use these terms because they all have different meanings. No matter how you look at it, The Original Smokey Goodness Pub and Grill has the recipe for some killer menu offerings!098
The restaurant has a rustic cabin feel to it with a comfortable dining area and small bar. During my visit Kristin, the general manager, was kind enough to show me the ropes. Toby, a third generation smoker, uses both cold and hot smoke techniques for his creations.107 The variety of woods used adds a different depth of flavor to each smoked item.101
Looking over the great menu I had to order the Noah’s Ark! What more could you want, chicken, ribs, brisket, pulled pork and sausage. It also comes with 2 sides, and of course you have to have a cold beer with all this great food! The smokey flavor of each meat was amazing. The ribs are some of the best around, tender with great flavor. Be sure to try the smoked mac & cheese, yum!096
The Original Smokey Goodness Pub and Grill is all about great fun and great smoked food and they deliver! They can be found at 1203 Calef Highway in Barrington. You can also read them via phone (603) 905-9026, email or on Facebook.

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