It’s More Than Good Enough

When you think of the twenty-somethings living in NH, you think of the recent college graduates hanging out at the local happy hour with their trendy work attire, or the tech-savy young adult at the local coffee shop. We live in a state that has many opportunities for young adults to find their niche. This past weekend, I got to spend time with my friends that have decided to take the less modern route of life, ditching the new iPhone for a shovel.

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Good Enough Farm is located in the beautiful discrete Danbury, NH. Unlike many farms in the area, Good enough Farm is a now transitioning to a Perma-culture farm. This means planting many different species of crops together which will help strengthen and protect them. It provides the crops with nutrients that they may lack and gives them ability to fight off diseases and pests without chemicals. The idea of Good Enough Farm originated from the desire to live a better life through food.

Operations Manager of Good Enough Farm; Sean Sullivan, was diagnosed with type-one diabetes. His diabetes sparked his interests in learning about how food systems affect our health. He began to eat organic, and from there started growing his own food in order to cater to his health needs. With the development of Good Enough Farm, Sean has been able to sell fresh organic produce to local farmers markets, and left his organic foot print within the world of sustainable living.

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This weekend we were able to make homemade apple cider. Yes, that means taking apples, and grinding them into small little pieces and then squeezing all of the juice out of them. You never know the real taste of apple cider until you try fresh apple cider.

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Good Enough Farm has proven that there is still a way to make it living the simple farmer’s way in a developing world where we measure success by the size of our cubicle. Check out their story and website here!

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