It’s Time to Begin 2013!


In writing for SWP I have realized I am missing out on A LOT of amazing things to do in NH. We just can’t have that now can we?! How about a resolution to change?!  In general, I have found that most New Year’s resolutions are born out of a desire for a “better” life. I can see the appeal. Who doesn’t want to be fitter? Richer? Smarter? More well-traveled?

Well, I have tried this approach, friends, and I have failed. I think it’s mostly because in my enthusiasm to change, I forgot to take into account my personality, my genes, my age and the combination of choices (mostly good, some not that smart) that led me to who and where I was. So this year, I decided to do it differently. Instead of creating a list of things to help me attain a better life, I wrote the following list to help me become a better person. It’s an ambitious list, but one I think everyone can strive towards. Go 2013!

I will get out into the woods and explore more, get lost on a trail and find a hidden treasure. I should preface this and say I will start in the morning, in good weather and take my cell phone. (fear of getting lost high on anxiety level!)

I will listen more and talk less. When I am listening, I will endeavor to really hear what is being said as opposed to concentrating on what brilliant thing I am about to say next. (Thanks to a chatty Dad, I am even chattier)

My opinion does matter. But, if I stranglehold that opinion and try to smother people with it, then I am missing a great opportunity to learn something. It could be from someone I’ve known and cared about for years (and wouldn’t that be a lovely surprise!) or alternately, it could be a stranger with a lesson to teach me. There are PLENTY of people in the world that know more than I do. (Plenty!)

I will be better to my body. I will get more sleep and eat more green stuff. My body will not reset itself. If I want to live longer, I have to take care. There are people who count on me to be around for the long haul. I’ve been off the “workout wagon” for far too long. I really do feel better after I work out. I am less grumpy and more optimistic. Sadly, I cannot achieve this same feeling eating Cheese-Itz and watching TV.

In the movie of my life, sometimes I am the star, sometimes I am a supporting role and sometimes I am an extra. I’m not being punished or rewarded; this is just how the credits roll when you are a wife, friend, sister, daughter etc. Besides, the ever-changing cast makes the movie more exciting.

I am no saint. No one expects me to be one. However, I can be more tolerant with people I don’t understand. True grace begins with empathy for others.

I will be genuinely happy for someone else’s success. Especially when they have a baby, I will not defriend or unfollow them due to their obsessive miracle posting. As I’m sure that will be me someday…

I will not try to fix every problem I come across. Sometimes, it is not my problem to fix. Sometimes I have to trust the problem will be resolved without my “expert” interference. There will be times I can step in and make a situation better. There will also be times when all I should do is listen to someone talk about the nature of it.

In the quest to become the best version of myself that I can be, I am bound to fall off the wagon. That’s okay. I promise to always get back on. I promise to work hard at these and enjoy the journey, having faith that right where I am is right where I am supposed to be. Que the music lets welcome 2013!