Kama Fitness: Twist Up Your Yoga Routine

kama fitness classI consistently stare down at my yoga mat from time to time during class as my two feet are anchored to the ground side by side on the squishy surface. I love the feeling of being grounded on my mat as my body balances out and releases built up tension in my shoulders and hips. Each time I roll out my mat I make an effort to treat the practice as if it were my first. Instead of going through the motions with little thought because I know the cues, what comes next, and how my body probably will respond to each posture, I listen with intent and move through the sequence as if I am a new yogi.

kama fitnessSo, you can imagine what a treat it was for me to partake in a yoga class where I had absolutely no idea what followed each new pose, how my body would react to the foreign instructions of a new teacher, and what the heck I was supposed to do with a silk cord fashioned into a sort of swing that hung from the studio ceiling and landed directly in front of my yoga mat at an Aerial Yoga class I took a few weeks ago. This Sunday spent at Kama Fitness in Sandown, NH served to give me a whole new perspective of my yoga mat. As I gripped the swing and trusted myself to fall back with only my feet wrapped around the silk, my eyes peered at my yoga mat from an entirely new angle. And let me tell you, the early morning class, with its welcoming and trusting instructor, beautiful scenery inside and outside the studio, calming music, and soothing incense burning in the corner, made for a fresh start to a whole new week.

I only recently learned of Kama Fitness, and after graciously being invited to the studio by owner Karlene Murphy, I did some research. “Kama” (pronounced “kah-muh”) believes Fitness should be Fun. The studio is home to certified and experienced instructors who all strive to give their students a fun workout “in an encouraging and noncompetitive atmosphere.” I attended the Aerial Yoga class, but they also offer Yoga, Aerial Pilates, and Fitness and Nutrition Training in small groups and private sessions. Located at 37 Fremont Road, in Sandown, NH, I thoroughly enjoyed the scenic fall drive from Portsmouth, NH that included fresh fall foliage and windy back roads.

I recommend trying Kama Fitness’ Aerial Yoga class. Using an aerial hammock made with silks and suspended above mats with steel hardware, students manipulate the dangling silk to move deeply through yoga poses. As you can see in the photos I’ve included, as you learn to trust the silk and the practice, it’s amazing what your body is capable of even in your first class. And, as you continually surprise yourself with pose after pose, the fun you have masks the hard work that is constantly strengthening your core, back, arms, and legs. No experience is required for this class. Check out the class schedule to learn more about your first class. Namaste!

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