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driving the GHOST

That’s me “driving” the GHOST!

I recently had the opportunity to see some amazing technologies being developed here in NH. Last week, I got to see the GHOST Boat at Juliet Marine Systems in Portsmouth and this week I went to the huge ribbon cutting ceremony for Albany International and Safran in Rochester. It was really cool to see these “new-to-the-world” technologies being developed and commercialized right here in the Granite State.

It made me wonder what the parents of the people who invented these amazing things did to help their children turn into such creative and driven individuals. We lean toward giving our son as much freedom as possible to explore, experiment, and create and we are constantly questioning our approach. I’ll stop over-thinking my parenting style now and share a couple of our latest go-to activities that help us explore and get inspired.

  1. Lego Clubs at local libraries – most libraries offer this once a month or so. Although we have SO many Legos at home, my son loves to go to these because he gets to play with different pieces and  most clubs let the kids display what they made on a shelf at the library until next time.
  2. Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord – The new store at 45 S. Main Street is awesome and the best part is they brought Imagination Village toy store into their new space! I have never seen so many fun toys and gadgets in one place. If you are looking for some inspiration, go to this store! I recently got this $5 plastic thing there that attaches two soda bottles to each other. You fill one with liquid (add food coloring and glitter too), attach it to the other bottle, and then spend hours making vortexes in the liquid as it drains from one bottle to the other. Best $5 I’ve ever spent.
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