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Beans & Greens 2013 Farm to Table Dinner

Beans & Greens 2013 Farm to Table Dinner

I’m happy to report that there is a great local food scene here in the Lakes Region. Here’s a rundown of things to check out if you are in and around the Lakes Region and into supporting local food businesses:

Beans & Greens Farmstand, Gilford: They host lots of fun events, like their big Farm to Table Dinner, Corn & Country BBQ, fairy house building days, corn maze, etc. Great place to bring young children – they have a beautiful pavilion where you can eat lunch and some of their farm animals are nearby for the kids to see and pet. And of course it’s a great place to buy all things local, including dairy and meat products. They’ve even added seafood recently, but the last time I was there the fish counter wasn’t open so I haven’t seen what they sell.

Beans and Greens corn maze

Beans and Greens corn maze

Moulton Farm, Meredith: Very impressive operation here. Regular series of events like Garden to Table Tastings and Farm Tours. They also do a very lovely farm to table dinner. Their farm store is really impressive. Nice seafood section with fresh seafood from Boston, lots of local meats, large bakery section, and other regional/local products.

Picnic Rock Farms, Meredith: This is a smaller farmstand than the other two, but it’s beautiful and definitely the local farm with the best view of the lake! They sell produce and all sorts of jellies, baked goods, maple syrup, etc. Also one of the pick-up sites for the annual Belknap County Conservation District’s plant and bulb sales (spring and summer, respectively), which are a great way to get top quality plants for your vegetable and flower gardens at really low prices.

Hermit Woods Winery @ Moulton Farm's Farm to Table Dinner

Hermit Woods Winery @ Moulton Farm’s Farm to Table Dinner

Local Eatery, Laconia: This new addition to downtown Laconia is less than a year old but getting rave reviews! Chef Kevin Halligan (also the owner of the Laconia Village Bakery) sources nearly all the ingredients locally. This is one hard working guy! He spends almost as much time finding his ingredients as he does cooking and running his restaurants – very dedicated to the local food ethos.

Hermit Woods Winery: Great boutique winery in Sanbornton (moving to Main Street, Meredith in November 2013). While they do make some wines from grapes imported from grape-friendly regions, they tend to focus on making new and inventive wines from fruits and other ingredients that grow well here. Their Crab Apple Wine is one of my favorites. I am looking forward to checking out their new winemaking facility and tasting room in Meredith later this year!

Lakes Region Food Network: We’ve got a growing group of folks gathering on a regular basis to plan and implement projects that support the growth of our local food scene here. If you are interested, please check them out and maybe get involved.

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