Let’s Talk About Guts

No, I’m not referencing the latest episode of the Walking Dead, (though I’m guessing it did have guts in it). I’m talking about what it takes to pursue your creativity: guts. And that is exactly what’s discussed on the New Hampshire-based podcast Creative Guts. This interview-style podcast explores the roots of creativity, dives into the hearts of creators, and discovers how creativity connects with the world around us in many different forms. The podcast will feature visual artists, thespians, musicians, culinary artists, writers, choreographers, fashion designers, architects, and many others who pursue creativity through their careers and lives. These interviews are personal, humorous, deep, and incredibly inspiring.  

Creative Guts Podcast

A New Hampshire based podcast called Creative Guts launches July 3, 2019. This interview-style podcast explores the roots of creativity, dives into the hearts of creators, and discovers how creativity connects with the world around us in many different forms.

Truth Time

Full disclosure to my readers: myself and Sarah Wrightsman, another Stay Work Play blogger, are the two creators and hosts of this podcast. It is a project we felt a deep need to pursue, since we are surrounded by an abundance of inspiring stories and deeply driven people in New Hampshire, and the world needs to know! Plus we love to talk and laugh at each other, which there is no shortage of on this podcast. 

Though it is not always obvious, the courage to create and the grit to show your creations to others can be an intimidating challenge. It’s opening yourself up to being vulnerable to judgment, labels, and rejection. As children, most of us often enjoy creative practices, expressing our dreams, our fantasies, our emotions. At some point though, we’re told to grow up; which is really heartbreaking. We are instructed in our teen years to “get serious” about the inevitable adulthood that is just around the corner, making sure to plan a future that includes securing a job and paying those bills. Many times we’re gently, or not-so-gently, steered away from creative professions, as they could involve more risk financially or be judged as not actually work.

Letting go of that playful and creative side of ourselves is a shame. It’s a very special part of our human nature, which can help us be more empathetic, more expressive of our feelings, (which can often help us process them in a healthier way) and can be a joyful experience shared with others.

Get To Making

When Sarah and I started interviewing folks for this show, it was a fun project that we simply enjoyed. But we soon realized that it can be a catalyst for more creativity and for stimulating the communities we love so much. This was reaffirmed during our interview with Will Stewart, Stay Work Play’s Executive Director. He very aptly said, “everybody wants to live in an interesting place and arts and culture are indicators that a place is interesting and will attract interesting people. For that reason alone, arts are critical to our economy and to our communities.”

So let’s create. Let’s get vulnerable. Let’s show our creative guts to each other. Whether you’re doing this already or if you need some inspiration to get going, the Creative Guts podcast is a fun adventure into that world of innovation, passion, and originality. Every time I speak with another creative person about their craft, process, struggles, and victories, I am inspired. 


Early episodes will feature:

Creative Guts will be available on all major podcast platforms beginning on July 3rd. Follow Creative Guts on Facebook to stay informed on upcoming interviews, entertained by selfies with the guests, and news about creative endeavors happening locally!

Please enjoy this teaser trailer for the Creative Guts podcast, featuring a plethora of early guests of the show. 


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  1. Sarah WrightsmanJune 30, 2019 at 11:59 am #

    So pleased to call you my friend and now co-host and fellow blogger! 🙂

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