Let’s Talk about Trash Baby, Let’s Talk about You and Me

Did you know the average person generates over 4 pounds of trash every day and about 1.5 tons of solid waste per year?

Zero Waste. What does that mean anyway? According to Wikipedia:

Zero Waste is a set of principles focused on waste prevention that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that all products are reused.

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I don’t know about you, but it wasn’t until the last few years or so that I really started to realize how much trash I produce. I have always been good at recycling (minus my first year of college), but I didn’t quite think of all the other things I could be doing to save this planet of ours. I come to you as a new mom, a business owner, and your fellow human/neighbor just trying to do her best for the planet. Let’s talk about waste… and a little about me.

I grew up in Southern NH during a time when waste wasn’t really looked at in the same way as it is now (at least not amongst my family/friends). Back then I didn’t think anything of using paper plates or plastic cups; I just thought of it as a way to avoid dishes. Now, I feel like I know a little bit better. I bet you’re wondering how I ended up here though, aren’t you? Am I a pro? Did I get a degree in Environmental Science? No, but I like to think that’s a good thing. It’s good because I have a lot to learn and I am humbled by any new information I can absorb. I do my best everyday to do what I can.

Who wants to join me in this struggle?

I graduated from Keene State College in 2008 with a major in Sociology and a minor in Women’s Studies. This led to a year working with the state at the Department of Health and Human Services and then with the elderly for about 6 years as a Care Coordinator for a non profit. After that, I worked a very brief stint at Southern NH University as an Academic Advisor, but very quickly realized that wasn’t for me. This is how I landed at Trader Joe’s, where I have been for the past three years. It’s a physical job where I chat with nice people, eat good food, and leave without stress. I love it because it also allows for my brain power to go elsewhere once I’m home. It allows me to think about my family, my business, and so much more.

My reason for doing better, Greenly Atlas.

This past May 2019, I became one of four new owners of Bona Fide Green Goods in downtown Concord. At Bona Fide, we sell eco-lifestyle goods such as reusable straws, produce bags, shampoo bars, and so much more. We are also enjoying being an active member of the community. I don’t really know what we were thinking having a baby (July 2019) and a business at the same time, but what a wild ride so far! My wife Amanda and I purchased the store with another couple, Ryan and Mike Hvizda. We are learning to navigate our world through so many new lenses and I am happy to say that we are taking waste into consideration in each decision we make. I was hoping I would somehow become a pro in Zero Waste once we purchased the store, but no such luck. However, it has helped my awareness of my own waste immensely and we have already taken so many steps in the right direction because of it. I am here with you because I love NH and I want to make a difference in this world. I want to share the knowledge I have and learn so much more than that. I hope you’ll join me and check out what else I have to say about Zero Waste.

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