Life in a Vacation Town

You can probably gather from many of my previous posts that I enjoy “staying, working, and playing” in New Hampshire. A huge part of that has to do with the town that I live in. To put this all into perspective, I’ll back up a few steps.

Upon graduating from Plymouth State University in 2011, I imagined that I would go to work for a large company in a major city. Turns out, I opted to accept a position with a private virtual firm and live in a small country town immediately when I graduated. Working for Beacon Worldwide has been a learning experience from many angles, primarily learning how to work from home. The Beacon team is spread across the globe coaching clients and performing client engagement forensics on some of the world’s largest and most sought after deals. I will get into more detail about Beacon and working from home in my next blog but my point here is that, Beacon allows me to live anywhere.

I hear many people question the fact as to why I chose to live in Lincoln, New Hampshire of all places because “there is nothing to do there”. There are several reasons I live in Lincoln, New Hampshire but I can assure you that “because there’s nothing to do here” is not one of them! As a matter of fact, there is so much to do here!

A vacation town like Lincoln, NH has something to offer every day of the week, even at night. People come here to vacation for weeks on end, not only on the weekends. Like most, I do stay structured and work from my home office Monday-Friday 8AM-5:30PM or so. However, the weekends are another story.


I am on vacation every weekend. I am on the Loon Mountain shuttle bus every Saturday morning by 7AM. I do this so that I can get a few quiet ski runs in before the slopes get busy. I never wait in lines because at 9:30AM, I typically have one of my favorite students from NEDS strapped into a mono or bi-ski and we start our day. We jump in the ski school line and tether our way down the mountain run after run.


This past weekend, I had 2 friends visiting and we took the wonderful shuttle connection around town to experience Lincoln’s famous Apre Ski specials at Woodward’s Resort, CJ’s Sports Pub, and the Woodstock Station after a quick power nap. Saturday night, we made our way over to the Bunyan Room at Loon Mountain to see an excellent local band, the Crunchy Western Boys. They got a kick out of the fact that “I knew everyone in town” but the funny thing is that in a small town, that is not particularly tough. I love that small town feel.


Sunday was a beautiful day above the fog to ski really hard so that we were relaxed enough for the Patriots game at 4:30PM back at CJ’s Sports Pub. And of course, the Patriots victory makes for a beautiful ending to any weekend. #Lifeisgood in New Hampshire and I certainly don’t feel like I am missing out on too much when everything is put into perspective. Quality of life is important to me since we are only here for a blink of an eye. I enjoy travelling to cities to work, and seeing new faces, but the cost and quality of living in New Hampshire has treated me very well.