Like Father, Like Son, Love Wine

If you have a free Saturday or Sunday stop by Coffin Cellars, LLC a winery in Webster, New Hampshire. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down with Pete Coffin and his son, Jamie Coffin in June. Fields and farmhouses framed my drive to Webster, New Hampshire. When I arrived I found that the current tasting room is IN the winery. So I sat down with Jamie Coffin to taste and talk wine, while is father preformed magic in the six steel tanks behind us. Outside I was given a tour of where some of the ingredients grow, including blackberries and plums behind the flight

Pete Coffin has been making wine since the ‘70s. He and his son decided to turn wine making from a hobby to a profession for themselves after asking friends and family if they were truly producing quality wine.

Jamie said, “Before we opened a winery we had to sit our friends down and ask if they really enjoyed our wine or if they had been lying to us (to spare our feelings).” Three years later Coffin Cellar Winery is making fruit wine that can be enjoyed by the public.

With their combined decades of wine making experience the Coffins have made over 40 combinations of different wines. Jamie says his favorite is their blackcurrant wine. This is a complex red hearty dry wine. If you are a traditional grape wine drinker I would suggest this delicious fruit wine. The winery produces around 6 different types of fruit wine each year, including their best sellers and also at least one experiment wine- last year they made a spicy jalapeño wine. The jalapeño wine packs a punch and is not for the faint of heart. I loved the sweet delicate raspberry wine. It tasted like summer with strong fruit aromas and a crisp light finish.

lime wine

The Coffin family has been in New Hampshire for 8 generations. What struck me as most interesting about this unique winery is the story of community. The Coffins have built a beautiful successful winery with the help of many community members. To mention a few: a graphic artist friend helps design the wine labels, a contractor friend donates his time to build a new tasting room, and neighbors donate their land to grow fruit for the wines. Jamie Coffin also said his mother has been a huge help in getting the winery where it is today.

To celebrate the community, the local wineries put together a weekend wine tour every year in the fall. The wineries partner with food vendors, farmers, and artists to show case the wines of the season. I stumbled across this event last autumn on my way home from apple picking and it added to a day that has become one of my favorite memories of New Hampshire. I had a friend visiting from Massachusetts and I was showing off my new home: New Hampshire. It was the perfect afternoon of apple picking, cider donuts, wine, local honey, and cool air and sunshine. When we got home we made apple crisp while sipping on a bottle of blackcurrant wine from Coffin Cellars.

wine sign

You can follow Coffin Cellars Winery on Facebook, and if you are interested in visiting, the tasting room is open 1-5 Saturdays and Sundays. Also, you can purchase a bottle of their wine at the following locations:

Has your community every worked together to accomplish something?

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