A Little Hollis Vino


A few weeks ago my mother turned sixty (sorry if you didn’t want that shared mom) and we went around Southern NH wine tasting. We made our merry way to Hollis where we spent an hour or so at Fulchino Vineyard. When we pulled in they were setting up for a wedding so we reluctantly walked up the dirt road parking lot thinking we would be turned away. We were greeted on the outer deck by a delightful woman who was setting up for tastings outside. The five of us stood around a high bar table and were treated as if we were in tasting room.

It was almost preferable to be outside, it was a beautiful Saturday and their vineyard is beautiful as a back drop. They give you a multiple array of samplings with a side of witty banter. We had the privilege of talking with the owner who we had no idea he was until he said something off-handedly. The true passion in how they feel about their job and what they do really shines through in their wine. It’s worth a trip again and again, to have a taste or a glass of wine and listen to their stories. I for one cannot wait to go back so I can see the inside and tour the vineyard.

Here is an excerpt from their website about their story:

“A Family Vineyard…a Working Vineyard. Our story began with a vision, passion and true labor of love. I remember as a kid watching my grandfather Andrew, who knew how to plant a garden, make wine, repair a house and earn an honest dollar and admiring the simple beauty contained in simple things. Some of my fondest memories were of traveling with my grandfather Andrew to the train station in Everett, MA to pick up grapes fresh in from California to make wine. I would watch him make wine in the basement and to this day those memories have always stuck with me. I was asked in an interview when my vocation started, and I replied that it began before I realized it had started. It starts very young. When I was 21 I inherited my grandfather’s wine press and so began my personal journey. While it was a pleasure to personally enjoy our wine and share it with friends and family it was a personal realization to witness the freedom to share it outside my inner circle. I have come to know many, many fine people through the vineyard and our wine and I am grateful for that gift. Over the years my wife and I have owned and operated several businesses, but our passion has always been with the land… to enjoy the sunshine and to see the vineyard’s creations come to life. Come spend a quiet moment and see and experience for yourself the peace contained in a single silent moment on our little patch of earth.”

Certainly take a trip out to the Vineyard. Some people may think it’s strange or ask why there’s a Vineyard in Hollis. I say, why not?



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