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messy-deskI wanted to take a moment this week to talk about my job. Most people I know in New Hampshire have to work more than one job. A lot of work in my area of New Hampshire is seasonal and depending on your field of work, it may not be possible to work one steady job. Personally, I have made leaps and bounds within my career in the past few months. When I started writing for SWP, I was only half employed- Working nights at the Italian Farmhouse. The most significant change is that I have acquired a full time job! I haven’t actually had a ‘full time’ job since I left the bank in 2009. It probably sounds crazy to say, but in the past 4 years, I’ve gotten used to working two 25-30 hour a week jobs and I’m happy to get one full day off within a seven day period.

I first mentioned my job at True Colors Print and Design when I wrote about Downtown Plymouth a few weeks ago. Since that time, they have offered me a full time position with benefits! I was pretty hesitant to take the position at first for many reasons, the main being that it wasn’t the hours or the pay I needed to meet my already tight budget. I decided to take the job anyway because I have a hard time passing up an opportunity when it is given to me. I was really enjoying coming into work everyday and it was a new side to the printing business that I didn’t have much experience with. The only thing, was the stress of needing to work at the restaurant equally as much as True Colors. It really started taking a toll on me. It was so bad in fact that I got pneumonia in the middle of July! My boss could see that I was excelling within my new position but at the same time, she could see how stressed out I was running from one job to the next almost everyday. It came to the point where I was thinking to myself that I might even have to leave True Colors to work at the Italian Farmhouse full time because I was working too much and not making enough to get by. It was that same day, that I was called into the office and offered a full time position. I was shocked, and happy. And it felt nice to feel like I was needed and a valued employee.

All in all, things are going really well at True Colors. It’s fast paced, but fun at the same time and not only do I get to do design work on a daily basis, but I get to work as a team with my other co-workers and I still get to speak with and help customers at the same time. It’s like working in a restaurant (which I’ve done my whole life), but only the perks because I know that no one is going to spill spaghetti marinara on my shirt!

I guess the message I wanted to convey, is most specifically to all of the young professionals in New Hampshire. School is going to start up again in about a month…or you’re finding yourself realizing that school is starting in a month and you just graduated and your summer job is ending and now you’re wondering what to do? I can tell you!  Most importantly, find a job that makes you happy. If it’s one thing I’ve learned as a young adult it’s that you will be going to a job daily for a very great portion of the rest of your life and if it’s not something you enjoy, keep looking for a better opportunity. Don’t just settle for a job just because of the paycheck or because it’s close to your home. I don’t think I’m the only young adult in New Hampshire who has been working a similar schedule. I’m sure there are a lot of you who ‘wear many hats’ and are working two plus jobs and even going to school full time. For me, the hard work has paid off (for now). It’s been five years since I graduated from college and I finally found a job that I can call a ‘career’. It’s taken a lot of hard work, lots 60+ hour weeks and I’ve even acquired a few gray hairs, but I’m finally feeling like an accomplished adult.  I hope that if you’re feeling like you’re in a rut and need a change, I have inspired you in some way. Keep on working hard New Hampshire and your dreams will come true!

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